Serving for the welfare of the society is not an easy task. But entrepreneurs are embedded with grit within their spirits to move above and beyond to help others. In searching for a happy life, maintaining good health is crucial. More importantly, getting access to top-notch health service is essential. Business Outreach Magazine collaborates with Bhushan Kulkarni, whose unparalleled commitment to shape the healthcare industry draws our deep attention.

Bhushan Kulkarni

Bhushan Kulkarni founded LabCareplus Diagnostics with the goal to educate people of preventive healthcare checkup and create a thriving community. Growing up, Bhushan Kulkarni went through extreme challenges after his father’s demise. Being the youngest brother to his three sisters, Bhushan dived into the realm of responsibilities. With the support of his elder sister, Bhushan empowered consistent learning. He was just 16 years old, when Bhushan Kulkarni lost his father and started a job at a pharmacy. Bhushan Kulkarni completed his Bachelors of Science degree in Chemistry and navigated his career starting as a Medical Representative in 2003. Gradually, working up the professional ladder, Bhushan Kulkarni became a Technical Support Officer in 2007. From 2007 to 2013, he worked as a Regional Head and then got promoted to Business Head, Sales Director and eventuallyChief of Operations till 2015. 

It was during this time, Bhushan Kulkarni worked at a leading corporate chain of Pathology Laboratories. Here, the seamless operations of this niche domain highly motivated Bhushan to dip his toes into this industry. He honed skills like speciality testing, Technical information,Instruments handling, SOP Designing, Manpower Management, Business development and Issue resolving. We could understand that Bhushan Kulkarni is a doer, who gets things done and solved. Such an entrepreneurial mindset has helped Bhushan to bridge gaps in the industry of Pathological Services.

With LabCareplus Diagnostics, Bhushan aims to expand his business and provide services like Franchisee model, Hospital Lab Management services, Corporate, Industrial tie up for corporate check-up and B2B services for smaller labs for outsourcing their samples to LabCareplus. Being the compassionate leader he is, Bhushan Kulkarni recalls a timeline in his career, where he was planning to join a company which was going to shut down. His then CEO advised him to consider his decision. But Bhushan expressed his views saying he would achieve great purpose and career fulfillment, if his industry experience could elevate the scalability of any company. 

The healthcare industry is expected to grow at about 17-18% by 2025. Bhushan Kulkarni is strategizing LabCarePlus Diagnostics to tap into this sector, by offering efficient pathology services. LabCareplus, under the supervision of Bhushan Kulkarni, is fostering cutting-edge technology and investing in innovative approaches. Among the several awards won by Bhushan, he is highly vocal about the special commendation from Govt. of Maharashtra for his work in establishing Covid-19 – RT PCR lab facilities along with the Indian startup Awards 2024 and Certificate of recognition excellence in RT PCR testing facility. When we asked Bhushan Kulkarni about resilience in career, he said, “Do your best, leave the rest.”