Emerging from obstacles defines the limitlessness of leadership. The world is already a swirling canvas of judgements and expectations. To surpass these and renovate life with a holistic purpose demands immediate appreciation. In today’s feature, Business Outreach Magazine lays out the inspiring success trajectory of Shruti Reddy Sethi, whose leadership perspective stands as a testament to any patriarchal reference in the business ecosystem. 

Shruthi Reddy Sethi

A Brief History-

Shruthi Reddy Sethi founded Anthyesti Funeral Services in 2017. As a phenomenal emerging entrepreneur, Shruthi has always resorted to compassion and gratitude. Most importantly, Shruthi Reddy has always maintained her track record of sculpting successful businesses. 

With analytical approach, Shruti Reddy scaled Anthyesti Funeral Services to a Rs. 10 crore valued business. Her career has gradually evolved from working as a senior software engineer at companies like Mahindra Satyam and Imedx Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Empowering Bharat’s startup ecosystem has always been about supporting communities and growing together as a nation. 

Struggles and Success Stories-

The funeral services industry is pretty much unexplored from a business standpoint. Shruthi shares her leadership ordeal while she has been strategizing the growth of Anthyesti. But what made her dive into this niche in the first place? Well! There is always experience that garners clarity and purpose to a person. Shruthi Reddy and her family faced a tremendous overwhelming situation when her husband’s grandfather died. The lack of support from the existing system made Shruthi and her family go through challenging roads of agony. Shruthi’s proactive efforts to pick up from that experience is a beacon of perfection.

Anthyesti Funeral Services is a comprehensive brand that provides support with cremation, repatriation and any other service that might ease the pain of the family. Communicating with clients with respect, kindness and patience has been Shruthi’s forte. Such business methods have been helping Anthyesthi scale at a rapid pace. Shruthi Reddy Sethi visits cremation centers to understand existing pain points of the families. 

Key Takeaways-

Her resilience to innovate with time defines a strategy that is nothing short of beautiful. She recalls a memory when a concerned official at a cremation ground refused to take Shruthi’s business, indicating it as a bad omen. This is a male-dominated industry and Shruthi Reddy has been overcoming orthodoxical references for years. Shruthi Reddy is succeeding as Anthyesti is draped with a team that shares the common interest for the welfare of the society. 

Times have been tough in getting the right talent. But Shruthi’s grit to progress with her venture always shed a bright light of hope. Her calculative approach in shaping marketing campaigns, educating the local community of the benefits of such service and a client-centric business model is growing Anthyesti. Shruti Reddy Sethi has a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Electrical Engineering from Bhoj Reddy Engineering College. 

Additionally, she received her education through prestigious programs such as the ISB Goldman Sachs 10K Programme at the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIM-B) and is currently pursuing a Master of Business Administration at IIM-B. She was featured in Shark Tank India Season 1 and received the Central Government’s National Entrepreneurship Award in 2018. Shruthi Reddy delivered her first TEDx Talk in 2023. In the following years, Shruti Reddy Sethi aims to deliver Anthyesti Funeral Services across India and forward support in this industry, accessible to more people.