The current global economy is dictating enormous growth, empowering startups and entrepreneurs. But in order to generate a promising opportunity, collaboration plays a pivotal role in any business. Oftentimes, the success trajectory of a startup or business gradually increases, when tasks are being efficiently delegated to experts. These experts are industry veterans, who can guide a business towards promising revenue and help build a pathway

A Brief History-

Business Outreach Magazine wants our readers to understand the insightful journey of a leader, who took every challenge as a learning point and came out as a stellar thought-leader. Bhargavi Agarwal knows no boundaries, when it comes to providing the best value to her clients. She has been conscious of her growth in business consulting which has been providing her notes of motivation towards further perfection. When we tried to understand Bhargavi’s perspective towards work, we were nothing short of impressed. 

Her ‘getting things done’ attitude towards her clients showcased her expertise in the sales domain. In the world of sales, the possibilities are endless and there are a lot to learn. I demand effortless communication, outreach, copywriting and so much more. Ultimately all of these efforts started to pay off, as Bhargavi’s clients witnessed impressive results. 

Struggles and Success Stories-

To give the best business development and customer success services, Bhargavi Agarwal founded Leadstop. Bhargavi has been curious and optimistic of the tech industry and it navigated her to create a startup that offers impeccable cost effective lead generation and sales outreach. But please be reminded, the path had challenges. 

Bhargavi, initially starting her career at a Call Center Sales, providing private tuitions, expanded her skills to join one of the Big 4’s at a Finance role. The most interesting aspect of Bhargavi Agarwal is that she prefers working smarter than working harder. With this mindset, she is aiming to take Leadestop as the one stop ‘Outreach Service Solution’ to 100+ companies in the coming 2 years.

Bhargavi Agarwal has studied and is Certified GST professional, completed Certificates in Specializations of Investment Management, Financial Management, Corporate Finance and Transfer Pricing. She started Leadstop in 2020 as a Lead Generation company and later steered to the Outreach industry in 2022. 

Key Takeaways-

Some of the services offered by Leadstop are B2B Lead Generation, SDR-as-a-service, Lead research, Sales Qualified Leads, Sales List Building, Email Outreach, LinkedIn Outreach, Sales and Marketing Campaign Set up, Account Based Marketing and many others. 

Entrepreneurship is always a road full of hurdles and a leader gets to learn methods to overcome all those challenges. Bhargavi recollects the time when she left her promising job in order to start Leadstop. The market always seeks credibility and Bhargavi had to work productively to bring forward unparalleled services to the table. Coupled with that seamless client experience helped her gain more reputation in the market. When we ask about her inspiration, Bhargavi says, “Fail daily, get up daily, take one step daily to get closer.”

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