British Airways is the 2nd largest fleet carrier of the United Kingdom. British Airways was established back in 1974 after years of difficulties of combining the British Overseas Airways Corporation and British European Airways. Since then, British Airways operates as the second largest fleet size and passenger carrying airways. British AIrways today has more than 280 aircraft fleet in around 200+ locations .

So let’s take a tour of British Airways :Elevating Travel Experience

Company’s 4 P’s of Marketing

Company’s 4 P’s of Marketing

Product Mix

British Airways aims at offering the best customer experience in terms of service and consumer wants. Along with the in flight services Airways also offers some entertainment magazines and meals to the customer.British Airways provides luxury flight experience and comfortable journey.

Price Mix

British Airways keep their pricing policy at an affordable price to allow everyone to afford the flight. Companies ensure that prices suit the value provided to the customers. The company applies dynamic price strategy to keep the prices flexible and adjust with the market fluctuations. Company offer three level pricing policy for different classes of people. It includes Economic pricing strategy, Medium value pricing and Premium pricing strategy.

Promotion Mix

Promotion mix allows companies to gain customer attraction and capture the market.The company has developed a mobile application for the users to book the tickets and other benefits. British Airways has also provided some promotional benefits like gift vouchers, coupons on festive season and discounting prices. The company has come up with many advertising campaigns promoting its services and delivering the best customer experience. British Airways supported many social and charitable organisations to make the brand’s image strong.

Place Mix

Place plays a crucial role in the 4 marketing mix for a company. British Airways operates their operation in a way to ensure a better customer experience to the customers. The company has strong infrastructure and alliances to allow their passengers to get the services with best facilities in the world. The company has a significant channel of operations and distribution of the products through websites, call centres and agencies. The company ensures easy and fast accessibility at all the locations.


The company has more than 4 subsidiaries in the same industry.

BA cityflyer

British Airways Engineering

Open Skies

BA Euroflyer

Apart from this company has also an active franchise, founded in 1979, and became a franchisee in 1996.

Marketing Strategies

The company has a strong network of social media and other platforms to stay connected with its customers. British Airways aims to create engaging content for their customers to keep them engaged and create a strong community.

The company has made many alliances and tie ups in the market with many organisations and events to enhance the brand image and customer attraction. It helps companies to reach a wider audience and create a strong brand value. British Airways has also partnered with well known brands to provide the passenger a comfortable and luxurious flight experience in the flight. The company has tied up with “The White Company ” to provide the comfortable and premium amenities for the first class travellers.

Brand Campaign

British Airways creates an emotional story telling to connect with the targeted audience and brings a value for the brand and its identity.

One of the major and known campaigns was “To fly. To Serve”

Companies also advertise through different channels to reach the targeted market to promote the brand service and let the audience know the brand’s value for its customers.

Brand Campaign


British Airways has reported a revenue of GBP 11030 million in 2022 around 2000 million GBP lower than compared to the pre covid year 2019.

Company has carried more than 33 million passengers in 2022.

COmpany has reported EBITDA of 1.4 billion British Pounds in 2022 a significant increase from 2021 year which was -916 million British Pounds.


British Airways targets a large audience from different age groups. The company aims to provide high and satisfying value to each class group, to connect with them. Ensure the comfort and luxury experience for each class.


British Airways has launched many successful advertising campaigns to attract the audience and connect with the targeted market.

BA Magic campaign aims at creating an act of kindness and creating a good memorable experience.The company aims to connect with the audience emotionally.

The Magic of Flying, it was launched in 2013 to raise awareness about the company’s new routes operations and frequency of its flights. It was a digital video pointing to flying planes overhead. The ads was not only displyed the number of flights but also tell from where the flight was flying from. The campaign was success tech ad and allowed to connect the people with the company.


Easy Jet

The company was launched in 1995 based in London, UK. It is the major competitor of British Airways. The company operates in more than 25 countries at around 800 routes.


Another rival of British Airways based in Leeds Bradford, UK. The company was started in 1983 and operates in more than 58 destinations in Europe.

Virgin Atlantic

One more significant rival of Virgin Atlantic based in Crawley, UK. The company has reported more than 2.7 billion euro revenue in 2018.The company has brought many innovative, quality modifications for the customers.

Conclusion: British Airways is a top fleet operator in the WOrld. In the 48+ years of its journey the company has made significant growth and established a strong position in the Aviation Industry. British Airways has brought many innovative changes and luxury experiences for their passengers and offers world class flight services. Company has introduced many strategic marketing campaigns to connect with the audience and enhance the brand image.

British Airways has been operating at large scale in many routes around the world with a fleet of more than 280 aircraft.