What is MapmyIndia?

In the spotlights as the Indian company, MapmyIndia serves map-based products and services to its consumers. Topping that, it highlights its services including map Application Programming Interface ( API ), databases and data analysis regarding India’s geographical information system and other mobility and effortless navigational services. Inoculating the entire navigational space in India, MapmyIndia continues to expand its terrain by backing up many well-known companies with its services together with Apple, Amazon Alexa, Uber, Facebook, Maruti Suzuki, Airtel, Mercedes- Benz, Mahindra, TVs, and many more. This home-grown geo-spatial data proving company has doubtlessly proved its dominance in the navigational marker.

MapmyIndia: A home-grown Mapping Company

Overview of the company’s background
Back in 1995, MapmyIndia was first founded by Rakesh Verma along with his wife, Rashmi Verma. Taking early steps with the web-mapping technological services, the company soon plugged itself in with Coca Cola for providing the marketing and logistical data and serving unchallenging accessibility of maps along with other mobility services. From the launch of its own engaging portal in 2004 to developing highly advanced location-based technologies, Road Pilot for instance, it gradually spurred its growth.

What are the products and services offered by MapmyIndia?
Map and Data APIs and SDKs GIS, Analytics and AI IoT and Automation Navigation and Mobility
Standard Definition Maps, Map Engine, Hyper- local Maps, HD maps, Regional maps, Indoor Maps, Real View Maps, Live Maps, International Maps, and Geo- enriched Data. Mobility and Tracking Geospatial and Analytics IoT and Telematics Solution NCASE Automotive Suite
Demographics, Data on Quality of Life, Banking, Automotive, and Health Amenities Data Workmate APIs Turning Spatial Data into Business Insights In-Touch Platform Navi Maps
ELoc- Digital Address System Combat Covid APIs ML- AI Engine Hardware & Sensors Move App

Who are the competitors of MapmyIndia?

The geospatial industry in India facades a number of platforms bringing in the most advanced and impactful services in the Indian market. Besides the ever-demanding home- grown company, MapmyIndia faces competitors such as Mapbhar, Nexit, AutoNavi, Vidtech, etc.

Is MapmyIndia better than Google Maps?

One of the most highlighted international competitors of MapmyIndia is Google Maps which is also a web mapping platform serving for the conventional use of its consumers. Alike the home- grown app, google maps provides its consumers with Indoor Maps, Google Local Guides, etc. MapmyIndia is anticipated to dominate over its competitors, including Google Maps. One of the evidence includes the chaining of ISRO with the company to bring in the revival change in the cartography industry. This Make In India integration is most likely expected to produce even more advanced mapping products and services.

MapmyIndia is witnessing itself as an IPO boom in India. In the very present scenario, it has over 734 employees and more than five thousand clients. Augmenting its growth, it also launched its flagship app, Move, a cumulatively integrated app of all the mapping and location-based technological services. Consumers can avail themselves of the safety features as well as the navigational services over the app. To add on, it also launched a safety device- Safemate to help consumers tracking the location through a GPS navigation system. The non-intervening use of advanced tools and software is inducing more opportunities to the app and henceforth, it is unrealizable expected to be introducing new mapping products in India, contributing to the initiative of Make In India.