A new taxi company has started operating in Dubai that is aimed only at millionaires and high net worth individuals. The service called Black & White is hoping to compete with first class travel experiences offered by airlines. 

Black & White was founded by two brothers who have experience working for luxury brands. They noticed that while Dubai has many expensive cars, there were no chauffeur services matching the same standards. Their new company wants to fill this gap. 

Membership to use Black & White taxis costs 50,000 AED per year. For this fee, members can book luxury cars like Mercedes S-Class, BMW 7 Series, Range Rovers or Maseratis that come with drivers wearing formal attire. The cars are all black or white in colour with leather interiors.

Some key features of Black & White include in-car entertainment systems, WiFi, refreshments and a focus on privacy. Drivers have backgrounds checked and undergo luxury chauffeur training. The company aims to provide an experience on par with top airlines.

Route planning is done by a dedicated team to avoid traffic where possible. Members can track their car using an app and modify pick up/drop locations enroute if needed. Payment is directly to the company instead of drivers.

Black & White currently has a fleet of 20 vehicles and aims to expand to 50 in the next year. It sees potential as Dubai welcomes more ultra-rich migrants. The founders believe their service fills an important gap for wealthy travelers used to VIP treatment. 

In comparison, regular Dubai taxis charge around 2-3 AED per kilometer while Black & White membership works out to be more cost effective for high-frequency users. It competes with luxury limousine services charging 1000s per transfer. 

Only those approved through a membership process can use Black & White. The target market includes business owners, royals and global citizens who value privacy and service. With Dubai’s growth, this luxury-focused taxi service seems well positioned for success if maintaining standards.

In summary, A new luxury taxi service called Black & White has launched in Dubai to cater exclusively to millionaires and people with high net worth. With an annual membership fee of 50,000 AED, it provides chauffeured transportation in luxurious vehicles like Mercedes and BMW that come with high-quality amenities and trained professional drivers. Black & White aims to compete with the first-class experiences offered by airlines through customized service, use of technology, and focus on privacy and convenience. Seeing the growth of ultra-rich global citizens in Dubai, the company expects demand to rise for its bespoke ground transportation option that sets a new benchmark for luxury travel in the city.