On the 14th of July, 2022, Kerala Naturals celebrated their 10th anniversary at the company headquarters at Kadanad, Kottayam in Kerala. The company also officially launched the website, Kanan Naturale, which is an online spice store availing customized quantities of any kind of spices. The organic and natural coconut oil launched by Kerala Naturals is produced with natural and organic ingredients and goes through a no-heat process. Along with that Kerala Naturals introduced jackfruit products namely, jackfruit powder, jackfruit seeds powder, jackfruit dried slices, and banana chips.

Kerala Naturals ensures quality in their products and so the coconut oil undergoes a no-heat process to retain the high nutrient value of the product. Working directly with the farmers, Kerala Naturals aims to deliver the best quality of the product and maintain a better taste and aroma. The coconuts are sun-dried for a few days and wood pressed at low temperature. The process in return comes with a product with high nutrient value and has gone under strict quality checks according to FSSAI regulations. Every bottle of coconut oil has the authentic aroma and flavor of real coconuts, which adds to the daily healthy cooking along with a good hair and skin care.

Kerala Naturals offers more than 80 products on their website in several categories that includes, spices, herbs, organic and ayurveda products, cosmetics, honey and handicrafts. The company’s worldwide logistics chain through different e-commerce platforms allows them to deliver their products to over 2,00,000 customers originating in more than 100 countries.