With technology advancing and modernizing the world, people prefer staying indoors and buying goods and services through online resources. 

It helps people to save time and just a click on the phone can get you your required items at your doorstep. Similarly, among the various shopping websites in India, Dunzo is yet another Indian app that delivers groceries and daily essentials in the major cities of the country like Bangalore, Gurgaon, Delhi, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, Jaipur, and Mumbai.

It provides people with commodities like fruits and vegetables, meat, pet supplies, food, and medicines. A further characteristic of this app is that it has another individual service to pick up and distribute packages in the same city. The company also runs a taxi service in the city of Gurgaon. The headquarters of Dunzo is located in Bangalore. 

Dunzo was founded by Kabeer Biswas along with 3 other co-founders – Ankur Agarwal, Dalvir Suri, and Mukund Jha in July in the year 2014. Initially,  Dunzo emerged as a small WhatsApp group, and later transformed into a specific area-centered app-based service. 

Kabeer Biswas was always encouraged by his father.  He let him try out new ideas without thinking about the consequences they would cause. He died when Kabir was a young boy. He left behind a reasonable amount of wealth which gave his mother an understanding and was assured that Kabir would not have to worry about her health and well-being. Hence Kabir declared that he didn’t have anyone counting on him for their livelihood and so he could experiment with any ideas he was interested in. He studied at the University of Mumbai and pursued a Bachelor of Electronics in Computers and later did a Master’s in Business Administration from SVKM’s Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies. 

After his studies, Kabeer Biswas joined Bharti Airtel Limited as a Rural NPD and was later promoted to Social, Communities, and Location Based Services. He worked for about three and a half years in this company. He later got recruited by Videocon Telecommunications Limited in the New Product Development area where he spent only 3 months. Kabeer Biswas then worked for Y2CF Digital Media Private Limited in the Product area, where he worked for three years. He established a company named Hopper, which was later taken into possession by Hike. After gaining enough experience he set up his regional delivery service – Dunzo.

At first, Dunzo started out as a small group on Whatsapp which ultimately received a lot of popularity and changed into a mobile application service. He had confidence in the fact that in the world of logistics and delivery, if all things are not related to technology, then at least customers who need facilities such as these must be benefitted.  All these points should be pondered upon by companies and must not only believe in attracting customers but good customers. The main intention of starting Dunzo was to help people who required delivery services and save on time.

The app provides its delivery services in packages, pick up and drop, online restaurant discovery, ordering food online, grocery, medicines, laundry, local couriers, and Bike taxis as well. It is estimated that the company receives ten lakh orders a month. It became the first Indian tech company to get funding from Google. The company is also known for its food delivery service and competes with other food-distributing services like Zomato and Swiggy. In spite of this, it still functions well in its other delivery services. It presents itself as a platform for small local businesses. 


The main objective behind setting up this service was to save people’s time and Dunzo does the same. It helps in transferring goods from one corner of the city to another. It connects and lets you access the nearest services that you need.  Dunzo also assists you in the way you want to move things around, shop for products, and explore your city like never before by navigating through the app.