EESL will provide technical advice, project management support, and contractual and implementation support to implement select energy efficiency programs in its portfolio with a track record of successful implementation.

Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) partners with Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Joint Growth Triangle Business Council (IMT-GT JBC) Malaysia to promote energy efficiency and sustainable practices in the region.

EESL will implement rooftop solar projects, LED street lighting projects, electric mobility, UJALA, and building energy efficiency programs in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand.

EESL will also collaborate with IMT-GT JBC Malaysia to identify opportunities for saving energy and lowering carbon emissions,” the company said in a statement.

IMT-GT JBC Malaysia will continue to identify new interventions to achieve its goals under the Green Cities Action Plan 2022-2025, support EESL in various industry-led negotiations, and support the deployment of energy efficiency projects. We help you succeed. Added Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Our partnership with IMT-GT will further promote sustainable growth across businesses and make energy efficiency central to the growth trajectory of all the cities under the council,” Vishal Kapoor, Chief Executive Officer, EESL, said.

IMT-GT is positioned as part of the ASEAN Building Blocks linking the ASEAN Strategy for Sustainable Urbanization and the IMT-GT Framework for Sustainable Urban Development 2019-2036 (SUDF).

Our partnership with EESL is a testament to our efforts to promote low carbon and climate resilient development powered by renewable sources as well as energy efficiency measures,” Mahadi Mohamad, director, of IMT-GT Joint Business Council, Malaysia, said.