At the India Mobile Congress on Friday, Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited unveiled JioSpaceFiber, India’s first giga fibre service based on satellite technology that will bring high-speed internet to hitherto unreachable regions of the country.

The service will be offered at incredibly low costs throughout the entire nation, the company announced.

Over 450 million Indian customers now have access to high-speed fixed line and wireless internet services thanks to Jio. Jio has introduced JioSpaceFiber to its exclusive range of broadband offerings, which also includes JioFiber and JioAirFiber, in an effort to promote digital inclusiveness for every family in India. Regardless of location, Jio offers businesses and people unparalleled access to high-speed, dependable, low-latency internet and entertainment services. The availability and scale of Jio True 5G will be further improved in the most remote areas of the nation by the additional capacity for mobile backhaul that the satellite network will support, according to the company.

Additionally, Jio said that it has partnered with SES to gain access to the most advanced medium earth orbit (MEO) satellite technology available today. This MEO constellation is the only one that can provide really unique gigabit-class services from space.

JioSpaceFiber has already been connected to four remote sites in India to showcase its strength and reach:

  • Gir, Gujarat
  • Korba, Chattisgarh
  • Nabrangpur, Odissa
  • ONGC-Jorhat, Assam

Broadband internet is now available to millions of Indian homes and businesses for the first time thanks to Jio. We reach millions more people who aren’t connected with JioSpaceFiber,” Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited Chairman Akash Ambani stated.

With gigabit access to online services for governance, education, health, and entertainment, everyone, anywhere, will be able to fully engage in the new digital society thanks to the satellite-based service.

John-Paul Hemingway, Chief Strategy Officer at SES, said, “Together with Jio, we are honoured to support the Government of India’s Digital India initiative with a unique solution that aims at delivering multiple gigabits per second of throughput to any location in India.” Ambani went on, “We are excited to see how this will lead to digital transformation even in the most rural parts of the country. Our first fibre-like services from space are already deployed today in parts of India.”