Arun Singhal, CEO of FSSAI shared that IIM Ahmedabad will be conducting a survey on the nature of FoP labels.

Considering the rising consumption of junk food which is causing health issues like obesity in Indian youth and children, CEO of FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India), Arun Singhal announced on Monday, the plan of introducing front-of-package ( FoP) labeling on packaged foods. The initiative was undertaken in order to help the consumers to identify and make healthier food choices.

Introducing ‘front of package label’ to regulate junk foods: FSSAI
Introducing ‘front of package label’ to regulate junk foods: FSSAI

The idea of introducing front-of-package labels aims to provide simple nutritional information about the food products in a more noticeable and approachable location rather than mentioning on the back or side of the packages.

On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of FSSAI, Singhal shared that IIM Ahmedabad will be conducting a survey on the nature of FoP labels. He said, “The technical issues have been settled, but only one issue is left, that is, the nature of the FoP label. For this, IIM Ahmedabad has been asked to conduct a survey.”

He also added that the IIM Ahmedabad has started its work and the draft of the regulations related to the label will be formulated post the survey.

Declaring the initiative of introducing this label in the favor of Indian consumers, the CEO shared his concern on emerging health-related problems including malnutrition in youth and children along with obesity which is needed to be looked upon in our country. 

In this regard, he shared, There is a rise in demand for packaged food. There is a need to provide information in a simple way about the impact of packaged food on health so that consumers can make choices.”

What is FSSAI and its role in food safety? 

FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) is a statutory establishment, formed in the year 2011 under the operations of Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India. FSSAI ensures protection of public health by regulating the standards and norms of food safety under its Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006. The legal body is entrusted with the responsibilities including setting science-backed standards, ensuring the regulation of manufacturing, storing, distributing, importing and sale of food products. 

The New Delhi-based regulatory body is currently headed by its chairperson, Rita Teaotia whereas Arun Singhal is positioned as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

FSSAI has always stepped forward to protect and promote public health by introducing various projects and initiatives. Back in 2009, it brought about a project, ‘Safe Food, Tasty Food’ in the view of enhancing the quality and safety of food products, focusing on those which are served at restaurants and other such chains and outlets. Its latest step on labeling the food packages also aims at giving exposure to the consumers and choice of taking in consideration one’s health since it is already a rising issue in India.

(Source: PTI)