Intel and Ericsson join hands, the Swedish telecommunications gear maker, to develop a customized 5G networking chip. Using Intel’s advanced “18A” manufacturing technology, this partnership aims to reclaim Intel’s manufacturing lead and deliver innovative solutions to the market. Exciting possibilities lie ahead as the chip is expected to hit the market, leveraging Intel’s ambitious four-year plan for rapid advancements.

Intel and Ericsson join hands

Intel Corp and Swedish telecommunications gear maker Ericsson have joined forces to develop a custom chip for Ericsson’s 5G networking equipment. This collaboration will leverage Intel’s most advanced manufacturing technology, marking a significant step in their partnership.

In recent times, Intel faced tough competition from companies like Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., causing it to lose its edge in manufacturing the smallest and most power-efficient semiconductors. However, Intel’s CEO, Pat Gelsinger, unveiled an ambitious plan in 2021 to reclaim their manufacturing lead and revitalize the company. The strategy revolves around incorporating five generations of chip manufacturing advancements within a four-year timeframe.

The new Ericsson chip will harness Intel’s cutting-edge “18A” manufacturing technology, representing one of the first instances where external customers will benefit from this technology. While the specific market release date for the chip remains undisclosed, Intel has previously announced that its 18A manufacturing technology will be ready by 2025, indicating exciting prospects on the horizon.