Moving forward is the true purpose of life. It allows us to gather clarity and the reason for our  existence. There will be obstacles, but that is a part of life. Business Outreach Magazine navigates its vision towards collaborating with the greatest minds of the industry. These leaders have gone through hurdles, failures and emerged as true business experts in the modern economy.  

Sudarshan Sabat

A Brief History-

As we analyze their journeys, the concept of success has always come down to a few simple,  yet profound strategies. One of them is believing in the journey and upskilling along the way. The second perspective has always been to be disciplined with action. While the third strategy has been to understand the market and uphold innovation. It is imperative that getting to acquire  something valuable and evolving it for the betterment of the society demands patience and  perseverance. Success at the expense of any shortcut is no victory at all. Today, the editorial takes great pleasure to synchronize with the entrepreneurial story of Sudarshan Sabat.  

Sudarshan Sabat has been relentless, agile and spectacular in creating the ‘Sudarshan Group  of Company’, which is an expansive network of about 11 organizations. Sudarshan Sabat likes  to call himself, ‘infopreneur’, as his transformational mentorship and training has greatly  influenced the lives of more than 10,00,000 individuals. A nation runs on the scalability of  companies and Sudarshan Sabat has been empowering businesses and professionals to align  with their most productive version. 

Struggles and Success Stories-

Let us move back to 1995, when Sudarshan Sabat reached Mumbai with a set objective to create history. He started as a clerk which gave him a salary of  just Rs. 1,000, back in the day. Interestingly, Sudarshan Sabat kept on learning and his positive  outlook helped him diversify his career.  

Over the years, Sudarshan Sabat’s proactive efforts towards gaining knowledge has set him  apart as a forward-thinker. Through several educational pathways, Sudarshan Sabat has  focused on enhancing his professional development. It is very exciting to express that  Sudarshan’s calculated steps helped him to expand into 11 successful companies. His impactful  training and development solutions have enriched several businesses.  

When it comes to strategic thinking, Sudarshan Sabat supervises the operations of his 11  companies. His expert guidance helps the company in diversifying into various industries. The  growth of society is all about collaboration and helping the community. This set path has  enlightened Sudarshan Sabat to excel as a Mastermind Trainer. He wants to create more than  1,000 trainers in the next 5 years. Furthermore, Sudarshan Sabat wants to empower 10% of  India’s population to be financially free in life.  

For the last 7 years, Sudarshan Sabat has taken up compassion, gratitude and garnered a great  deal of reputation in the market as a Mind Trainer, Coach and Entrepreneur. He has impacted  more than 20,00,000 individuals, exceptionally transformed the lives of more than 10,00,000  people, upgraded the career growth of more than 1,00,000 professionals and sculpted more  than 1,000 success stories. Sudarshan’s take on leadership has been portrayed through his efforts, he has till date conducted more than 500 seminars, 300+ webinars, 100+ workshops,  50+ corporate events and several distinguished workshops.  

Sudarshan Sabat has always been at the forefront of helping career-growth seekers and  businesses from multiple industries, aiming to scale their progress. When you keep on uplifting  others, there seems to be countless appreciation from society. Sudarshan Sabat has gained  more than 100 national and international awards including the prestigious Mahatma Gandhi  Puraskar and the Most Admired Global Indians award, for his dedication and commitment to the  industry of training and personal development.  

It is for the efficient methods Sudarshan’s 11 companies have succeeded and noted  unparalleled sustainability. Sudarshan Sabat has created more than 200 trainers and has  authored 25 books. There is a significant amount of learning from Sabat’s vision. Back in 2019,  Sudarshan Sabat found it extremely overwhelming to continue his 8-day training session. It was  a time when he lost his father. Considering the leader he is, Sudarshan Sabat overlooked his  emotional challenges and completed his program, thus sharing key definitions about dedication  towards his craftsmanship.  

Key Takeaways-

More importantly, he did not let the participants or his team members know about his situation  and successfully managed to complete a 2-day training session into 1 day. This is leadership  and this is serving for the betterment of society. Several testimonials of the clients of Sudarshan Sabat shed deeper insight on his expertise.  

Tanvi Mayekar says, “Excellent experience and management. It’s all worth it. I attended a four day program in Lonavala. It was a superb experience for me. Excellent 1000000%. It is superb  and useful for every age group.” 

Ghanashyam Lotlikar shares, “Hi! I attended the Train The Trainer program today. I’m a digital marketing consultant, and I came here to upgrade my skills. It was a very informative session,  and I must recommend it to all.”  

Raj Shah said, “I attended the one-day program at the Goregaon Fern Hotel in Mumbai! It’s  amazingly good! Sir’s speech is good! Great experience.”  

Yashashree Mamil added, “I attended a one-day train-the-trainer program, and my experience  was very good. I’m extremely satisfied and will leave here with ample knowledge. Knowledge is  power!”  

Ravindra Kumar expressed, “I attended a one-day program in Pune, and it was really beyond  my expectations. It was very interactive, informative, and excellent.” 

The one who helps others is helped by the universe itself. In his entrepreneurial journey, Sudarshan Sabat has brilliantly synergized optimism and productivity among professionals and businesses. He has channelized all his efforts towards building 11 successful companies that share values to society. 

The unbeatable spirit to grow from a Rs. 1,000 salaried job to a leading entrepreneur  paints a vibrant picture of growth and happiness. He is the person who lives by his principles,  where he wants to implement innovative techniques in his training sessions and help individuals  improve their quality of life. When we asked Sudarshan Sabat on his take on growth, he said,  “Every medicine in the market comes with an expiry date. Similarly, every problem in our life  comes with an expiry date.”