According to a press statement from the ministry on Friday, the deal was inked as part of the IR’s efforts to lower carbon footprints. By 2030, the IR hopes to reach its objective of Net Zero Carbon Emission.

Indian Railways enters into an agreement with a leading US organization

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed on June 14 by the Indian Railways (IR) and the autonomous US federal agency, USAID/India.

By promoting economic expansion, commerce, renewable energy, global health, democracy, humanitarian assistance, addressing climate change concerns, and managing conflicts, USAID/India promotes worldwide development. 

According to a press statement from the Ministry of Railways on Friday, the MoU was signed by Naveen Gulati, Member (Traction and Rolling Stock), Railway Board, Indian Railways, and Isabel Coleman, Deputy Administrator, USAID. 

The deal was struck as part of the IR’s efforts to lower carbon footprints, the ministry said in a news statement on Friday. By 2030, the IR hopes to have achieved Net Zero Carbon Emissions. 

The MoU aims to create a network of support for the IR while comprehensively addressing issues of technical assistance. It intends to support the IR’s long-term energy planning so that it may implement sustainable energy technologies. The MoU includes planning for clean energy acquisition, which will aid the IR in achieving its objective.

The two organizations will create an Energy Efficiency Policy and an Action Plan for the IR buildings as a result of the agreement. Additionally, it will help bid administration and bid design for system-friendly, massive green procurement.

The IR will get technical help for overcoming implementation and regulatory challenges through the MOU. Additionally, it will receive assistance in promoting e-mobility.

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