The Covid-19 pandemic has put up a freakish dilemma and an unusual strain on people’s lives and abilities to control the situations. The world is suffering and dwelling from unsolicited full stops and unprecedented disintegrations to livelihood. There are rising critical downfalls which are diminishing the economy extensively. The boundless peak fall in industries and IT sectors have disturbed the working capacities for the development of the nation. Today, millions of people are working from home as the fear and pressure of the virus arises. Critical misery has been engendered in front of all generations of lives. Humanity is proving that work is an activity that can be placed anywhere. Thus, this is the time to accept the world digitally.

This global pandemic has put up a massive hit on student’s lives and learning. It has not only challenged the education system but also challenged the teachers and students. Alike in other fields of employment, The education system has also adopted the new virtual remote learning system and its functions. The increasing adoption of smart classroom systems by schools and colleges are now transforming the ancestral or the traditional education system. The enhancing technologies and advanced equipment are an explanation guide to teachers and students imbibe virtual knowledge. Indian teachers are striving and thriving hard day and night to get access to the necessary and essential modern applications. Countless teachers are climbing up to lead professional development sessions on remote learning despite schools and colleges being closed. The alternative way of better learning is to adapt the advanced teaching methods and bandwagon of E-learning. 

The Ministry of education, India had to ensure that every teacher is accessible to the new methods of teachings. There are various platforms that are helping hands for the teachers to meet the bridge gap between enhancing professional methods and convenient applications for students. Several webinars and professional development sessions on remote learning are held almost on a daily basis for teachers to set their means of teaching. The lockdown period has been a flourishing factor for the faculties to have undergone the process of technology adoption and students are involved with various online modes of learning.

A pivotal aspect of coping with Covid-19 is to ensure that knowledge and education remains a constant process virtually. Uniting teachers and students through digital platforms have become necessary. The enactment of exceptional technology in education has led to a unique transformation from teacher-centric education towards student-centric education. The exceptional teachers are engaging students and ensuring to bring out the best in them. Teachers are using artistic ways to captivate the mindfulness and concentration of the students. Students are developing a keen interest in virtual events and recruiting the enthusiasm to learn something new. The new virtual classrooms and multiple online tools are assisting to extend and improve the engagement between the students and teachers as adjacent to the classroom-type practice. 

Eventually, it is becoming difficult to cater to the needs of digital devices for students to acquire a new pattern of learning and grasping. Besides, attempts are being made by both government and non-government institutions and ed-tech corporations to support the school system to make a smooth and steady transformation to the virtual world.

Hence India is leading the online assessments and striving hard daily to improve the platforms by ed-tech companies. The continuous improvement is leading India to its successful verge of implementing the virtual engagements on a greater stage.