Ashneer Grover is the co-founder and former CEO of BharatPe, an Indian fintech startup. This December, entrepreneur Ashneer Grover will release his memoirs, which he describes as “all about the hypocrisy of life – success in failure and failure in success.” He’ll also provide an inside look at the magical world of unicorns. The book, titled “Doglapan: The Hard Truth About Life and Startups,” is published by Penguin India.

Ashneer Grover took to social media to update his fans and friends, writing, “Is kitab padhne ke bad ya to aap ek dum apni naukri chhod doge ya fir zindagi bhar naukri hi karoge.” At the very least, beech mein nahi phase rahoge. Read my extraordinary life story to gain complete clarity in life!” Netizens began insulting him shortly after his post. “Aap kaunsi line mein aa gaye bhai sahab?” one user said.

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“Who is the author?” asked another. Grover responded, “I am the author.” It’s a memoir/autobiography with a difference.”

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“Kya kr rha hai tu ye…” remarked another user. Book bik likhna chod de… Dhyan de Kam pe… ‘Doglapan hai ye..’ Just kidding

“The most essential thing I learned from you was how to think with such clarity while evaluating an idea or business.” “I am confident that I will enjoy this book,” said another Twitter user.

Grover says of his writing endeavor, “My life has had its share of heroes, villains, character painters, and more.”

“This is my real-life story,” he continues, “one that has given me a lot more experience, a lot more grey hair, a lot more insight into who my actual friends and well-wishers are; a lot more understanding of ‘doglapan’ – of success in failure and failure in success; and a deeper understanding of what really matters in life.”

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Ashneer Grover is the co-founder and former CEO of BharatPe, an Indian fintech startup. In the inaugural season of the reality TV show ‘Shark Tank India,‘ he was also a popular Shark (investor).