Buying used laptops from untrustworthy sources is risky since you can wind up with a faulty or stolen model. 

HP Inc. is a global information technology corporation based in Palo Alto, California that manufactures personal computers, printers, and associated supplies, as well as 3D printing solutions.

HP, located in the United States, will sell reconditioned laptops in India to provide Indians with simple access to inexpensive computers. HP Certified partners will offer HP PCs to retail consumers and enterprises as part of the program. HP is initiating this project for the first time, and the business wants to spread it to additional areas in 2024.  

Every HP-certified reconditioned device will go through a thorough refurbishing process that includes memory upgrades and storage expansions customized to individual tastes and needs. Following that, the gadgets will be thoroughly tested and examined to guarantee optimum performance and dependability. According to HP, this combined effort, together with certified refurbishing specialists and an Indian partner, will ensure that every refurbished device satisfies high-quality requirements. 

According to HP, the refurbishment program is now being extended to sell refurbished PCs to retail consumers and small companies on a transactional basis in India, enabling enterprises to access the newest innovation for 6, 12, or 24 months. According to the corporation, the program’s first concentration will be on laptops, to grow and diversify its products. 

Gurpreet Singh Brar, Vice President of, the HP India market, says, “Recognising the limited PC adoption in rural and smaller towns, we aim to transform this landscape. Our new initiative is a significant step in our ongoing mission to bring affordable technology to everyone. It’s a game-changer for those facing financial constraints, opening doors to PC usage. Students gain educational resources, small enterprises enhance productivity, and start-ups find a cost-effective tech solution, all contributing to a more digitally inclusive society. This program underlines our dedication to serving the needs of a growing market, particularly in regions where access to PCs has been a challenge”.  

The refurbishing program arose from HP’s trial projects, such as the internal redeployment of around 20,000 devices every year.  

HP has established a goal of reaching 75% circularity for goods and packaging by 2030, and the refurbished program exemplifies this ambition. Through reconditioned gadgets, this program provides users with an eco-friendly and cost-effective option, making technology more accessible to a wide audience throughout India.