CITTA is inspired by #DadiNaniKeNuskhe, a tradition backed by science. 

The Lexicon Group, one of the largest education groups in Pune has now entered the lifestyle market with a childcare brand CITTA. The Lexicon Group has been pioneering the education sector with The Lexicon Group of Institutes that includes Lexicon Kids, The Lexicon Schools, Lexicon MILE and the soon to belaunched Lexicon Institute of Hotel Management. Now with its baby care brand CITTA, The Lexicon Group has entered the childcare wellness segment. 

Akanksha Sharma, Founder-Citta

Culminating from love and experience in childcare over the years, CITTA, derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Chitta’ – meaning consciousness, is the brainchild of mother-daughter duo Monisha and Akanksha Sharma who bring a gift of baby-friendly products for millennial parents. The brand works on the ideology of providing nourishing benefits to a child by using ingredients that are natural, safe and are our grandmother’s recipes that are backed by science. 

“The backbone of CITTA’s products lies in its roots. The core of the products is the age-old tradition and wisdom that is passed on from generations and backed by science. All our products are 100% safe to use on babies and kids. Babies are the most innocent beings, and it is our job to protect them. At CITTA, we ensure that all our products have the highest standards of safety so that mothers can use them blindfolded while taking care of their child. Our principle is very simple- Babies deserve the best, so every ingredient applied on their body must be safe and should benefit them”, says- Akanksha Sharma, CEO 

– CITTA (Lexicon Lifestyle Pvt Ltd). 

CITTA’s baby care products pride themselves in taking inspiration from the traditions and knowledge of childcare passed down by grandmothers to mothers, the #Dadi Nani Ke Nuskhe, and are purely scientifically backed. Working on the principle of ‘Tradition backed by Science’ all CITTA products are a culmination of painstaking research into rituals, customers, and best practices in baby-rearing and caring. Therefore, each one has been designed with thought and age-old wisdom married with state-of-the-art technology and natural Indian Ingredients.

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Baby Care Products

“The Lexicon Group has been around for more than 15 years now. We are one of the few pioneering education groups in Maharashtra. The group works very closely with kids and children of different age groups. The idea to launch CITTA came purely from watching kids and with the realization that we should offer them a personalized experience of their grandmother’s touch that today’s generation is devoid off due to various professional commitments. Through CITTA we want every child to feel the endless love of their grandmother!”, says- Mr. Pankaj Sharma, President -The Lexicon Group. 

A mother’s love is what we talk about when we think of a child. The idea is to provide every child with grandmother’s love and care through these natural products which are created after a lot of research and testing. Hence the brand calls its products ‘Grandma approved’!