Bajaj auto on Monday, 2nd of January reported a 22% decline in the total sales of ths company making it fall to 2.81 lakh units sold in December 2022.


  • Total domestic sales rose by 2% to 1.49 lakh unit’s.
  • Exports declined by 39% to 1.33 lakh unit’s.
  • commercial vehicle(CV) sales fell 21% to 34,462 units.
  • Two-wheeler dispatches dive 23% to 2.47 lakh units

While the domestic sales of the company rose by 2% YoY to 1,48,555 units, exports declined by 39% YoY to 1,32,931 units during the period.

The sales of two-wheeler vehicles have declined by 23% making a total of 2.47 lakh units sold in the year by the company. The sales of commercial vehicles also fell by 21% making the sales count drop to 34,462 units.

In the current year, the company claims to have sold over 27.17 lakh units between April to December 2022. The data published by the company shows an uptick in domestic sales of the company. It sold 13.90 lakh units between April to December 2022 period, while in the April to December 2021 period it sold around 13.01 lakh units of two-wheelers in the domestic market.

Bajaj Auto is engaged in developing, manufacturing and distributing automobiles such as motorcycles, commercial vehicles, electric two-wheelers etc. and parts thereof. The year 2022 proved to be not that good for the company in terms of sales as their domestic  demand for the vehicles remained low throughout the year.