During the pandemic, the product can especially come in handy at places where one has to pull down a mask for the purpose of identification for e.g. airports, security checks, etc.

Start-up from IIT-Delhi Naso95, the “world’s smallest” wearable air purifier, has been released by Nanoclean Global. Naso95, according to Nanoclean Global, is as effective as an N95 grade face mask.

Doctors and government officials attended the opening event at IIT Delhi. The major guest was Shri. Rajesh Kumar Pathak, IP & TAFS cadre, Secretary Technology Development Board, Govt. of India, and the guest of honor was Dr. M C Mishra, Ex-Director AIIMS, Delhi.

What is Naso95?

Naso95 is a nasal filter of N95 grade. It adheres to the user’s nasal aperture and guards against germs, viral infections, pollen, and air pollution. Its effectiveness is comparable to that of a N95 grade face mask.

 It keeps your mask free and it has no leakage or blockage. This product can be used throughout the day. It not only protects you from Coronavirus, but it also prevents the entry of pollutants.

According to the business, a person wearing Naso95 is better protected than someone wearing a generic facemask or a loosely fitting face mask. The product is reported to have been evaluated and verified for safety and efficiency by national and international labs. Naso95 is available in four sizes: small, medium, large, and kids.

Naso95 can also be used by children who are vulnerable to airborne diseases and pollutants.

According to Dr. M C Mishra, ex-director of AIIMS-Delhi, air pollution is a far more serious concern than viruses. Lung cancer is still the most common kind of cancer, and a product like Naso95 may effectively address the problem of respiratory disorders in cities.