In this dynamically changing world of fashion, eyeglasses have gone beyond just vision aid; nowadays they express one’s personality.

The most important function occupied by eyeglasses is from vision defects. From there, in the complex mechanism of visual perception, eyes perform as a camera capturing images and sending them to the brain. After this, the brain quickly recognises these pictures and so visual clarity is achieved at best which helps in appreciating the various stimuli they envision.

The List of Top 10 Eyeglass Brands In India In 2024

4.Titan Eye Plus
6.John Jacobs
8.Vincent Chase
9.Calvin Klein
10.OKNO Eyewearlabs

1. Lenskart 


In the eyewear market in India, Lenskart is among the dominant brands. The First of its Kind, Lenskart lay the foundation by being pioneers in the online eyewear industry. The brand bridges directly to the professional eye consultancy and product delivery without discontinuance making it easy for customers while also exploiting doorstep delivery.

HeadquartersGurgaon, Haryana, India
SectorPrescription Eyewear, E-commerce
FoundersPeyush Bansal, Sumeet Kapahi, Amit Chaudhary

Lenskart – Investors

Jun 15, 2023Series I$100 millionChrys Capital
Mar 16, 2023Series I$500 millionAbu Dhabi Investment Authority
Nov 18, 2022Series I$40 millionDSP Mutual Fund
Aug 8, 2022Series I$12.5 millionRavi Modi Family Trust
June 9, 2022Series I$28.2 millionAvendus Future Leaders Fund II
April 27, 2022Series I$25 millionEpiq Capital
April 11, 2022Series I$100 millionAlpha Wave Incubation (Previously Falcon Edge)
July 19, 2021Series H$220 millionAlpha Wave Global and Temasek Holdings
May 16, 2021Secondary Market$95 millionKohlberg Kravis Roberts
Dec 20, 2019Series G$275 millionSoftBank Vision Fund
Sep 16, 2019Series F$55 millionKedaara Capital

Lenskart- The Mission and Vision

While our resolute mission in Lenskart is to provide everyone in India with universal access for premium designer eyewear removing the financial hindrance so often associated with luxury products.

In line with our mission statement, as posted on the official website of this company, vision is to ensure that eyewear serves a mean for personal growth and wellbeing among individuals Thus, we aim at promoting a future wherein the abilities of eyewear make it highly transformative in view that vision as well as quality if life are shaped with evident success.

Being a discerning consumer of her or himself, the client would benefit from having his or her purchasing experience with Lenskart streamlined in order to save time. Interestingly, the brand is able to manage a perfect blend of quality and price; that becomes apparent as soon as one makes an outlay for their product. Lenskart remains the ultimate symbol of value for money when it comes to eyewear.

Limitations– Consult a local optician or eye specialist for personalized advice and recommendations.
– Seek professional guidance for accurate prescriptions and eye care needs.
Range Of Eyewear Products Available– Prescription glasses
– Eyeglasses
– Computer glasses
– Kids glasses
– Sunglasses
– Contact lenses
Marketing StrategyDescription
Celebrity Endorsements for Brand AppealTo increase brand visibility and appeal, Lenskart carefully combines celebrity endorsements, working with well-known personalities like Karan Johar. This strategy successfully appeals to a wide spectrum of viewers while projecting an elegant and aspirational image of Lenskart’s eyewear selection.
Multi-Media PromotionLenskart employs a thorough multi-channel marketing approach that utilizes both traditional and digital media. Channels include print, television, outdoor media, and online commercials to provide optimum brand presence across a variety of media.
Engaging in Active Social MediaThe brand actively interacts with consumers through vibrant social media platforms, building a strong online community. Influencer partnerships, interactive elements like online try-ons and in-home trials, and other social media campaigns offer tailored experiences that streamline the process of purchasing eyeglasses.

2. Fastrack


Enjoy the ultimate fashion eyewear at Fastrack– a brand which has taken this path from being sports-focused to becoming one of India’s top eyeglass brands. By switching on the versatility means Fastrack is offering a large vareity of eyeglasses according to mixture, outfit or occasion. Fastrack has been highly praised for its immaculate product quality and designs to be innovative. Notably, they have the best sunglasses truly representing eyewear trends as cultivated by this brand.

Further, Fastrack takes a step further in its pursuit of leading-edge technology by offering smart wearables. Raise your level of vision to the next must-have stage with an endless appeal offered by Fastrack for every personality.

FastrackTata Group
Marketing Campaigns and Strategies
Become the fashion brand of choice for the young population of India
Key Elements
– Concerted marketing efforts
– Trendy and affordable products
Target Audience
Young population of India
Brand Positioning
Fashion brand of choice
Success Factor
Confluence of marketing efforts and appealing products
Brand Name
LimitationsThey have framed designs for young adults, which may not be suitable for senior citizens and middle-aged people.
Range Of Eyewear Products Available– Eyeglasses <br> – Sunglasses <br> – Computer lenses <br> – Contact Lenses <br> – Swimming Glasses



World-famous exposed to the fads that last forever, ray ban , moreover provides professional service that represents you as a man with added enjoyment.

Ray-ban is known brilliantly for their iconic wayfarer sunglasses and has successfully branched out to other styles of eyeglass along with prescription glasses.

It pains to say this simple sentence but, anyway: Ray-Ban does not have as many offerings in the field of eyewear and what it has on its portfolio is just stunningly durable coupled with liable craftsmanship. Ray-Ban offers an impressive array of spectacle frames rendering a just fitting for every particular customer.

LimitationsThe eyeglasses are very pricey, and you may also get similar features of eyeglasses at other cheaper brands.
Range Of Eyewear ProductsSunglasses, eyeglasses, prescription lenses
Product NameRay-Ban Meta Smart Glasses (formerly known as Ray-Ban Stories)
CollaborationMeta Platforms and EssilorLuxottica
Release DateAugust 2020 (Announced), September 9, 2021 (Released)
Components– Two cameras
– Open-ear speakers
– Microphone
– Touchpad
Built-in FrameYes
ReceptionControversial due to mistrust over Facebook’s privacy controls
Recording Indicator Light SizeControversy arising from the small size of the recording indicator light
Smartglass LineageLatest in a line of smartglasses from major companies, part of Facebook’s metaverse plans
HUD/AR Head-Mounted DisplayAbsent; different from smart glasses by other companies
Second Generation Announcement DateSeptember 27, 2023
Second Generation Features– Qualcomm Snapdragon AR1 Gen1 processor
– Cameras upgraded to 12 MP
– Improved audio
– Livestreaming to Facebook and Instagram
– Integration of Meta AI

Titan Eye Plus

Titan Eye Plus

Among the others, Titan stands out as a top champion with several years of impressive performance and vast recognition becoming one of the leading premium eyewear brands in India. Trusting Titan is not limited to one generation but all individuals from grandparents to teenagers whom it has managed over the years so well.

Currently, Titan is represented by more than 550 brick-and-mortar stores throughout India which are complemented with a strong online trading system. features and apparent stylishness titles titan’s eyewear assortment is a favoured selection for those, who want to reveal their world of taste with fashion sense.

Beyond the mere aesthetics, Titan eyewear is also recognized for its sturdiness— an attribute that was made even stronger with most of their products accompanied by warranties. This promise provides reassurances built around the durability of eyewear products, relieving customers’ fear on behalf of their money.

Suitability for BudgetSome eyeglasses might not suit every budget. They might not be perceived as value for money.
Lens QualityLenses are made in India but might not meet expectations in terms of quality.
DurabilityThere is a risk of breakage or scratches, although a warranty is provided for eyeglasses.
Range of Eyewear Products Available
1. EyeglassesVarious styles and designs available.
2. SunglassesDiverse range for sun protection.
3. Computer GlassesDesigned to reduce eye strain from digital screens.
4. Reading GlassesSpecifically crafted for reading purposes.
5. Contact LensesAvailable for vision correction without eyeglasses.
6. Swimming GlassesDesigned for underwater activities.
7. Solar Eclipse GogglesSpecialized eyewear for solar eclipse viewing.



Fossil is widely recognized for its outstanding glasses, which place it at the top of the market in India and among those Top 10 spectacle brands. The brand provides superior quality bifocal and progressive lenses targeted at both close vision prescription as well distant one. There is an amazing range of fully rimmed and half-rimmed frames in various materials are used plastic, steel and stainless steel. The types of shapes in the assortment vary from square, oval shape, round lens design to wayfarer style as well as navigators, butterfly designs and cat’s eye.

Choosing a good pair of glasses requires fitting on both the face and the eyes. Through your preferences, Fossil provides various alternatives to fit into one’s style. Therefore, to ascertain the originality of Fossil products especially eyeglasses it is wise to check official stores that are operated by Fossil or reputable online customers in regard to e-commerce like Amazon.


Fossil frames are priced above.

Range Of Eyewear Products Available:From the information above it is clear that.

Eyeglasses and sunglasses

Fossil Product Strategy Overview:

Fossil, a distinguished design group, specializes primarily in the creation of watches, complemented by a diverse range of accessories and clothing. The intricacies of Fossil’s product strategy and assortment within its marketing approach can be elucidated as follows:

Fossil’s comprehensive product portfolio spans watches, leather goods, shoes, sunglasses, and clothing, showcasing a multifaceted marketing mix. Within the Fossil group, various brands contribute to this portfolio, including Fossil, Relic, Abacus, Skagen Denmark, Misfit, Zodiac Watches. Additionally, strategic partnerships with renowned brands such as Skechers, Emporio Armani, Chaps, Diesel, Kate Spade New York, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, DKNY, Tory Burch, WSI, BMW, and Puma further enrich the product offering.

John Jacobs

John Jacobs

John Jacobs is notable for its approach that combines competitive pricing and premium quality eyewear. Situated in one of the most picturesque cities, John Jacobs offers cult collections crafted with an Italian flair at a price that suits your budget. The company is dually decorated as one of the fashionable and chic eyeglasses brands available on Indian soil today fusing classic designs into modernity.


Due to the presence of limited physical John Jacobs sspecialty in some areas.

Range Of Eyewear Products Available:The natural environment is addressed by the aspect.

Eyeglasses and sunglasses



One of the widely acclaimed eyewear companies, Burberry is a source of variety upon its products which are heavily fashionable. From rimless frames to those with full metal or plastic rims, Burberry uses materials equivalent to other fashion brands at large. Its eyeglasses are in square, butterfly, rectangle and the round shapes with complex construction ornaments.


Sunglasses are also wider in choice, from the sunglass bar of Burberry than eyeglass.

Range Of Eyewear Products Available: In the meantime, from September until April of this year alone there were reported cases that have been unrelenting despite the government’s effort in dealing with an enormous task ‘lack of peace within themselves.’

Sunglasses and Eyeglasses

Vincent Chase

Vincent Chase

As much as some people prefer to go for brand names when they purchase items, Vincent Chase Eyeglasses offer a blend of style and cost saving element which is why it’s the best choice where fashionable eyewear comes into play but on a tight budget. Being among the top 10 frames brands in India, such as Vincent Chase can be easily found at reputed sites like Lenskart, Nykaa and Amazon. Known as the creator of anti-glare glasses with full frames, Vincent Chase has become pretty popular among buyers.

We offer eyeglasses with Advanced Blue Cut lens technology at Vincent Chase, best equipped for protection from harmful ultraviolet radiations both natural and electronic glare such as those emanating from computer monitors. The special materials used in our lenses leave flexibility room for proper fitting of the wearer to achieve comfort. The matte finish imparts an element of class to the appearance.

Yet, though noteworthily some formulations of full-rim frames may suffer from dust gathering around the edges. In spite of this small, but salient limitation, Vincent Chase does continue to be one of the prevalent names amongst eyeglass-seeking individuals.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is known in the optical industry for having advanced technology and using high-quality materials both when working on eyeglasses but also here you can find how to order sunglasses online. The brand has a plethora of plastic casings which are available in various colors with the aim to suit different tastes and preferences.

Internationally accredited, Calvin Klein is of unique quality that communicates individual personality; represents the current innovative tendencies and provides attractive design. In the brand’s graphics, there is an element of sophistication evident through incredible designs that are attentive grabbers and evoke a compelling desire to access their collections.

OKNO Eyewearlabs

OKNO Eyewearlabs

Find in OKNO by Eyewearlabs quality, like you have never seen before; find designs that make a statement and create the illusion of contrast between your wardrobe’s simplicity and originality. Our selection of glasses that are worn every day is in a reasonable price range so they will not only be affordable but attractive to the public.

The diverse designs available at OKNO by Eyewearlabs cater to a wide range of personalities, offering a perfect fit for every individual.

Whether you require eyeglasses for reading, gaming, or prolonged computer usage, our eyewear is engineered to protect your eyes from harmful Blue Light. 

Elevate your appearance with the finest eyeglasses and sunglasses available, making OKNO by Eyewearlabs your ultimate choice.  


In conclusion, the top 10 eyeglass brands in India in 2024 reflect the industry’s commitment to providing diverse, stylish, and technologically advanced eyewear options, catering to the evolving needs and preferences of consumers.

The eyeglasses industry in India has evolved significantly, with eyewear no longer solely serving the purpose of vision correction but also becoming a powerful expression of personal style. The top 10 eyeglass brands in India in 2024 showcase a diverse range of options catering to various preferences and needs.

FAQ on Eyeglasses brands in India 

Best eyeglasses for men 

If you are in the market for something that makes you look smart right away, you are very sophisticated, and you are in style, do not look for strong eyeglasses. Whether you move a careless Clark Kent or a more vivid Harry Styles, visual lenses have the potential to affect both the way you see the world and the way the world sees you. We’ve seen eyeglasses from eyewear brands like Ray-Ban, Persol, and Moscot, all the way to top fashion designers like Tom Ford and Gucci.

  • Wayfarer

Speaking of students, the wayfarer’s status was introduced by Ray-Ban in 1956 and has been a timeless theme ever since.

  • Round 

The intricate nuance of the rounded frames lies in the center of the spectrum between the round shape and the square.

  • Aviator

Originally designed for pilots, aviator frames have become the basis of eyewear.

  • Circle

Modern circular lenses were first made popular with taste lovers like John Lennon and Steve Jobs.

  • Square

Slightly larger, classic-inspired frames offer a clever and eccentric theme that will allow you to drive your interior with Harry Styles, A $ AP Rocky or Jeff Goldblum.

Q. How do I choose the right eyeglass frame?

A. To choose the right eyeglass frame, first, check what kind of face you have. Different frames fit different face structures. Then check your current shape and style. Lastly, choose a color spectrum that will match your color.

Q. Who owns Ray Ban?

A. EssilorLuxottica owns Ray Ban.

Q. What are Polarized Sunglasses?

A. These are special types of glasses which protect reflected rays and also harmful rays.