The world-leading airline Emirates has announced the first routes for its newly refurbished Boeing 777 aircraft. Starting August 11, passengers heading to Geneva, Tokyo Haneda, and Brussels will be the first to board and experience upgraded cabins as part of the $3 billion retrofit program for enhanced comfort and experience across the fleet.


PC: Emirates

It will include 120 Airbus A380s and 71 Boeing 777s, for a total fleet count of 191 upon completion. This is an ambitious program for refreshing and modernizing Emirates’ long-haul fleet to ensure continuation in leading the in-flight experience. Changes include significant updates to include Premium Economy class and a complete redesign of the Business Class cabin.

The refurbishment of the Boeing 777 includes:

  • 38 Business Class seats: Reimagined for more privacy and comfort, all in a 1-2-1 configuration.
  • 24 Premium Economy seats: Extra space with more amenities than Economy class.
  • 256 Economy Class seats: More comfort features.

The refurbished aircraft features a newly-inspired interior taken from Emirates’ flagship A380. In their fresh new look, the cabins are created with comfort and convenience in mind. According to Adnan Kazim, Chief Commercial Officer of Emirates, the update is part of the airline’s continuous efforts toward innovation and customer satisfaction.

New Business Class seats undoubtedly form one of the major highlights of this refurbishment. Onboard, passengers will appreciate the 1-2-1 seating plan, whereby each passenger has direct aisle access for greater privacy and easier movement. Comfort and luxury while seated are increased by design, raising the bar to the stature of Emirates.

For Emirates, Premium Economy is a relatively new product, rich in legroom and wider seats, with added amenities to make up an even more personalized way of travel. Functionally, it places itself between Business and Economy to give travelers some extra comfort without actually having to pay the full price for Business Class.

Oslo, Geneva, Tokyo Haneda, and Brussels are the first markets to receive Emirates’ refurbished Boeing 777s. These routes are very significant markets for Emirates, and on many occasions, see heavyweight passenger loads with high demand for premium travel products. These upgraded aircraft assets are all deployed on routes to enhance Emirates’ market position and appeal to more your suffering passengers.

It expects to cover more than 36 cities by next February with its premium economy class—thereby cementing Emirates’ commitment to the expansion of this offering. The thinly veiled message within this ambitious rollout plan is this: More passengers worldwide will finally get a taste of the GNR-upgraded cabins and refreshed services.

Besides the refurbishment of the Boeing 777, Emirates also intends to add Airbus A350 inductions into its fleet by September. This is part of a greater strategy that aims at refreshing its fleet and trying to remain competitive in the Mars Aviation Battleground. Along with refurbished A380s and Boeing 777s, A350s will become the mainstay of future operations at Emirates.

It’s not just that Emirates passengers will be flying more comfortably; its retrofit program is also aligned with a greater sustainability agenda by the airline. In its quest for fuel efficiency and reduced carbon emissions, upgrading its fleet was an essential part of Emirates’ strategy. Newer aircraft are more environmentally friendly, as are the upgraded interiors, in furtherance of Emirates’ commitment to sustainable aviation practices.

Emirates has announced the first destinations for its refurbished Boeing 777s, marking yet another important milestone with respect to its drive for ongoing fleet modernization. For an extensive retrofit program refreshing business class seats and introducing premium economy, this is the best expression of Emirates’ commitment to a world-class travel experience. 

Due to this fleet of upgraded aircraft strategically fanning out all across, Emirates is bound to benefit from market shifting for their travelers to have a more comfortable and much more luxuriant journey. Moving ahead with innovations and growth in its fleet, passengers look forward to experiencing more improvements in the near future.