Real estate developer Emaar has revealed plans to open a unique new shopping mall in Dubai called Dubai Square. What makes this mall stand out is that it will allow visitors to drive through it in their electric vehicles. This will be the first ever drive-through shopping mall in the world located in Dubai Creek Harbour. 

The mall is part of the large Dubai Creek Harbour development project covering 7.4 million square meters. It will be connected to the iconic Dubai Creek Tower building also under construction at the site. Emaar founder Mohammed Alabbar shared details of the innovative mall concept at an event in early 2024. 

Alabbar said the idea for a drive-through shopping experience came from studying concepts used elsewhere. Dubai Square aims to redefine traditional retail by using advanced technologies like artificial intelligence. It will introduce new dining, entertainment and shopping experiences that can be enjoyed from inside vehicles. 

Visitors will be able to drive their electric cars through the air-conditioned indoor areas of the mall. They can shop for products displayed along the drive-through route or stop at designated parking spots. Entertainment zones and restaurants with drive-thru options will also be part of the unique retail development.

Dubai Square is located next to the under-construction Dubai Creek Tower, originally planned to surpass Burj Khalifa as the world’s tallest building. However, its design is being revised to make it smaller than initial plans. Alabbar said the new design will be revealed soon featuring a unique twin-tower concept next to Burj Khalifa. 

Once complete, Dubai Square promises to deliver a one-of-a-kind shopping experience for residents and tourists. It shows Dubai’s continuing efforts to pioneer innovative concepts and push boundaries in retail, real estate and infrastructure development. The drive-through mall format could become popular if successfully implemented here.

In summary, Emaar unveiled plans for Dubai Square – the world’s first drive-through shopping mall located in Dubai Creek Harbour. Using advanced technologies, it aims to redefine retail by allowing visitors to shop from their electric vehicles. This unique concept exemplifies Dubai’s pioneering spirit.Emaar unveils plans for Dubai Square, a first-of-its-kind drive-through shopping mall located in Dubai Creek Harbour. Visitors will be able to shop from electric vehicles while driving through the air-conditioned indoor spaces. Advanced technologies will power the innovative retail concept redefining shopping experiences in just 40 words as requested.