We Founder Circle, 888 VC, Vinners, Indigram Labs Foundation, and Google were among the investors who provided investment in the form of grants and equity. The funding will be used to acquire compensated data sources, raise the quantity of tokens, and implement multi-modal features. EcoRatings, a cleantech firm, uses AI/ML and big data to measure the environmental effect of products and services.

EcoRatings cofounder and CEO Aditi Balbir

EcoRatings, a cleantech firm, raised $1 million (INR 8.3 crore) in a pre-seed fundraising round from a number of investors, including We Founder Circle, 888 VC, Vinners, Indigram Labs Foundation, and Google, through a combination of equity and grants.

According to EcoRatings cofounder and CEO Aditi Balbir, “the funding will be used to acquire paid data sources, increase the number of tokens and introduce multi-modal capabilities,” Inc42 reported.

EcoRatings, a cleantech business founded in 2023 by Aditi Balbir, Aqeel Ahmed, and Shruti Anand, quantifies the environmental effect of products and services using AI/ML and Big Data.

EcoRatings’ methodology, which is based on the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals and ESG standards, aligns with customers’ growing desire for transparency in product sustainability.

“Our Gen AI platform is a solution for organizations striving to meet their sustainability goals,” Balbir continued. With this fresh support, we hope to continue developing our broad language model for the sustainability area.

The EcoRatings platform analyzes large datasets to deliver exact answers by analyzing contextually relevant data from internal and external sources, transforming insights into real-time chat responses.

Its Unified Knowledge Platform, which combines a broad language model with a RAG architecture in a corporate setting, is intended to assist organisations in meeting sustainable goals. It helps consultants, investment banks, huge organizations, and aggregators make more informed decisions that last.

The firm claims to have more than 50 paying customers. Its unique selling point is that it is a domain-specific big language model, comparable to ChatGPT but tailored exclusively to the sustainability domain.

Cleantech startups in India are pushing innovation, resulting in the development of sustainable solutions that do not impede the country’s growth. These firms are expanding sustainable energy technologies, tackling organic waste management, and delivering air and water purification solutions, all of which help India achieve its clean energy ambitions.

In this industry, machine learning (ML) and predictive analytics are emerging as revolutionary tools. Machine learning (ML), a subset of artificial intelligence, allows computers to learn from data without explicit programming.