If you were to visualize an entrepreneur, you would think of a person who’s trying to translate his idea into a lucrative business opportunity.

On this surface, the idea looks very fancy wherein one can create something and nurture it only to see it propel exponentially.
If you were given a blank canvas and asked to paint scenery, most of us would succeed. The question is how many of you can remake an existing painting and also ensure it is aesthetically appealing. Not many! The painter we are referring to here is Dr. Nachiket Bhatia who is no less than superman to turn around his family business that was on the verge of collapse.

Dr. Nachiket Bhatia
Dr. Nachiket Bhatia

The Humble Start

Dr. Nachiket Bhatia was included in the prestigious list of Forbes Top 10 Most Innovative CEOs. However, the journey was no bed of roses. Dr. Nachiket was critiqued by everyone on his business idea as an MBBS undergraduate. Most disregarded him until they saw his belief and conviction make DBMCI what it is today.
While Nachiket was pursuing his MBBS degree, his family venture started to sink and hit the rock bottom. Dr. Bhatia Medical Coaching Institute, a pioneer in PG medical coaching in India moved to the bottom of the ladder when it struck Dr. Nachiket to take up this business and make it a whirring success. With Dr. Nachiket’s contribution, DBMCI had a revival and reached number one once again with better quality of education imparted.

Against the odds

The burgeoning widespread of e-learning intrigued Dr. Bhatia. He wanted to imbibe the same in the gamut of conventional education in medical studies. Dr. Bhatia had the right ideas, however, lacked the know-how of business to implement operations successfully. With a definitive motive to transform his family business, Dr. Nachiket prepped himself whilst pursuing a postgraduate degree in medicine.
Dr. Nachiket worked on himself and the environment around him. He took classes to understand the nitty-gritty of business world. He also reached out to the medical students to understand their expectations from the medical courseware preparation. He also facilitated a conversation with the DBMCI faculty to develop a better program. This also instilled confidence in his franchise partners and brought everyone together to steer the wheel in the right direction.

MCI to eGurukul; a thrilling journey

While Dr Nachiket believed in the quality of education DBMCI was offering, he integrated digitization and online learning in the early years. Together with the entire team, Dr. Bhatia set standards of academic excellence that became a benchmark in the industry. Owing to his foresight and consistency, DBMCI bounced back with enthralling success.
Converging DBMCI into an ed-tech platform called eGurukul, Dr. Nachiket changed the medical education landscape by adding real-time virtual clinical experience to the platform in just seven years. Despite being a new entrant in the landscape, eGurukul proved to be a massive success with its app crossing 1.35 lakh downloads in the first 6 months and surging past several established players. Today, eGurukul has over 3 lakh downloads. DBMCI eGurukul has been featured as the Leading EdTech of Medical studies by FORBES INDIA.
“In 2019, our venture was able to take credit for the success of 7 students from DBMCI who were in the Top 10 Ranks in NEET PG examinations, an extremely rare feat,” adds a proud CEO, Dr. Nachiket Bhatia.

The Road Ahead

Dr Nachiket doesn’t intend to stop here. He wants to embed Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) into medical education through eGurukul 3.0, thus achieving excellence in imparting education. With eGurukul, Dr Nachiket wants to nurture a generation of equipped doctors who have access to the right content, skill development avenues and virtual clinical experience.
Acquitted with the title of “The Robin Hood of PG-Prep World”, Dr Nachiket resonates with being an educationist over a businessman. It took him no time and second thoughts to turn down multi-crore offers for eGurukul. Fostering the opinion, “education for everyone”, he aims to improve access to education, especially for the vulnerable.
“If you have a dream and don’t pursue it because of any reason, you’re doing injustice to your own self. No matter how tough it may seem, anything is possible as long as you are convinced that you can do it. Put in honest efforts and the results will be there” concludes Dr. Nachiket Bhatia.
For further information, please log on to https://www.dbmci.com/ and https://www.egurukulapp.com/