Speaking to more than 60 Peak XV & Surge founders in Silicon Valley, former managing partner of Sequoia Capital Doug Leone stated that artificial intelligence (AI) gives the chance to “redo” the software stack in every application and every sector.

To expand Indian businesses internationally, venture capital company Peak XV is bringing over 60 entrepreneurs to the US for an AI tour from February 13–16, according to a Moneycontrol story on February 12. The entrepreneurs are from the AI, deep-tech, software-as-a-service (SaaS), and consumer industries and are included in Peak XV’s early-stage portfolio and Surge cohorts.

According to Leone, some businesses would revamp their software stack with an AI frontend slowly, while others will start from scratch, as stated by Peak XV Partners’ Managing Director Shailendra Singh.

Leone stated, “There’s a ton of opportunity and we’re just scratching the surface,” in a video that Peak XV Partners uploaded to X (formerly Twitter).

The ninth cohort of Surge, an early-stage program offered by Peak XV, closes this week as well.

He went on to say that although artificial intelligence (AI) has been present for 30 years, this time it is “real” and has the potential to help humanity.

“It’s true that we live in the 1990s and use the Internet… You cannot ignore it, hide your head in the sand, and declare, “Oh no, that’s too crowded,” said Leone.

But Leone cautioned that entrepreneurs shouldn’t take on excessive risk since companies can lose money. “I believe AI is a 20-year thing to be invested in and played with,” declared the over 25-year Sequoia Capital leader.

He counseled entrepreneurs to construct the appropriate business, target market, and functional area to determine where they might obtain quick and easy returns.

Combining several technologies, artificial intelligence enables robots to observe, comprehend, act, and learn at a level of intelligence that is equivalent to that of humans. The fact that artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t a single entity may help to explain why different individuals seem to define it differently.

Artificial intelligence encompasses several technologies, including machine learning and natural language processing. Each is progressing according to plan, and when paired with automation, analytics, and data, they might help businesses accomplish their goals, whether they improving customer service or streamlining the supply chain.

Artificial intelligence has long been anticipated by both popular and scientific cultures since it holds the potential to transform not just the way individuals engage with technology overall, but also the way organizations operate.