We have talked to people at different phases with fewer than 100 users who say, ‘We’re going to start on personalisation, and I’m thinking, ‘How are we going to personalize? And more importantly, Why? What is the problem we are highlighting ? What is the brand being highlighted? Often the motivation is that it’s in a headline that we think it’s the secret to success. At Legacy’s closet, we are building trust to the point where people begin wondering how our creative imagination might work for them, it’s time to enter the Try stage of the hourglass. 

‘Try’ is a phase that many people skip due to the desire to leap rather than lead, however, we think it’s the easiest phase to move people to the purchase. Here, the content needs to represent a sample of the end result. By creating content in this phase that demonstrates how much better our product or service is than the competition, we can differentiate our competitors.

Here at Legacy’s closet, we are a ton of different frameworks that are going to be published through our creative imagination from the hoodies to lapel pins comprising of more than 40 products that seek to help you identify the right brand to pursue, but ultimately this comes down to a fair amount of trial and error, especially if you have no historical data to work with. 

We are not going to delve into the details of a framework, per se. Instead we will go ahead to give you a host of customer acquisition tactics, as well as a way to test them out, in order to enable you to get a feel for which product has the potential to deliver the most value. Our non repetitive and unique designs give us the competitive edge to outplay not just with our competitors but also with people’s liking and give them a whole new dimension in terms of visibility & branding.

In our quest to conquer the hearts of the footfall from every part of the globe, we are also in pursuit of potential investors who are willing to provide us the opportunity by allowing us to show what is immensely possible if we put our creative minds to fruitful use.

Dhirren Raj, CEO, Matha Theresa Group