The love of cricket is tremendous around the world. With millions of fans, crazy for the sports and sports person, Cricket is among the most favourite and played sports worldwide. In India mainly cricket flows in the blood of a small child, as from gully cricket to national and international matches Indians are mad for cricket. The craze for cricket is also majorly for the players and leagues famous worldwide. Talking about India specifically, Indian Premier League (IPL) is a famous cricket league worldwide which is also the reason to attract more Indians toward the sports attraction. Apart from the league, many successful and top players in India leading the world’s cricket ranking keep the fans fascinated with cricket. In this article you will know about Cricbuzz.


With such a large fan base and craziness for cricket, the world wide needs a platform to get the latest updates, score and table points of your favourite league and team to you in the meantime. Cricbuzz offers you all these requirements under a single platform/ website. 

About Cricket 

We All love watching and playing cricket, in India cricket is popular and is enjoyed by everyone. There are over 200 sports all over the world.

India is a country where every religion and community has the freedom to play and enjoy their sport.

Cricket is one of the oldest and most enjoyable sports of Indians. 

Introduced by British colonists during its reign over the country. 

Cricket in India has a massive audience of every age group, whether it’s children or adults. 

This article will give you a deep insight of the Indian leading cricket score and information website / platform Cricbuzz

Table of Contents

  • Introduction (Company’s Brief)
  • Business Model
  • Services
  • Competitors
  • Statistics
  • Growth
  • Challenges
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Future Plans
  • Achievement


Company’s Brief

The brand was founded in 2004 by Pankaj Chhaparwal, Pravin Hedge and Piyush Agrawal . Later from 2010, the brand has expanded the operations and started developing a mobile app to engage the cricket fans with latest updates, information and score on the app.

The company is owned by the Times Group and located in Bangalore, India.

With over 50 million active users and the second most downloaded mobile application in India, Cricbuzz’s fortune took a huge step ahead of its time.

Cricbuzz platform

Pankaj Chapparwal

Completed his education from Gujarat University, and he’s an engineering graduate. 

He’s also a former Infosys employee. 

Created by former Employees at Infosys, Cricbuzz successfully launched its mobile app in 2010.


 In 2014, Times Internet acquired the company at an undisclosed amount for a majority stake in the company. Later on in 2015, Times Internet another acquisition Gocricket was merged into Cricbuzz and all the website / mobile app of Gocricket was merged with Cricbuzz.

Times Internet has many subsidiaries in the entertainment and media sector-

Times Of Indi

Mx Player

India Times

ET Money


Business Model and Revenue of Cricbuzz

Cricbuzz’s business model works on delivering live scores of sports and matches to its users. 

Mobile is the most common and convenient way for its users.

The company’s primary income runs on its partnership with various mobile operators on paid basis in exchange of sports news and scores.

Other than that, Cricbuzz earns a good amount in advertising and promotion. 

The brand is also in partnership with InMobi for the monetization of mobile advertisements. 

The company also earns a huge amount for AdSense.

The company’s main income other than mobile operators is from promoting ads and other advertisements via its site.

Business Model and Revenue of Cricbuzz

Services offered

Cricbuzz offered many cricket related news and updates to the users. 

Apart from the cricket, cricbuzz also provides user access of live scores, updates and news related to football, tennis and other major leagues of the different sports around the world. 

It offers live streaming of the matches of major leagues of different sports around the world. It also provides coverage of European soccer league, NBA league and American football.


Many other companies, websites, and mobile applications deliver live scores and scoreboards to people for free.

Cricbuzz has a huge customer base but also great competition from other companies.

ICC, International Council Of Cricket which is the governing body of cricket all over the world has its own website for match updates and scores.

Sports channels like ESPN are also giving tough competition to Cricbuzz.


Cricbuzz has become the leader in the numbers in different terms. Based on number of users, live streaming and users page view. In 2022 cricbuzz has reported more than 50 million users worldwide and more than 3 billion page views. Further, it has monthly traffic of more than 398 millions and has a revenue of $7.8 million.


Over the years, Cricbuzz has grown and expanded at waist level. In terms of revenue and business, users and other factors the past few years and current years have been of massive success for cricbuzz.  The company was an official partner of one the world’s most famous and successful cricket league Indian Premier League (IPL). Furthermore, cricbuzz was among the most used cricket sites in the world cup 2015 with more than a billion visits in the World Cup alone. Looking at the huge success and response to the site, Cricbuzz may hold the leader board and become the most visited site in the World Cup 2023.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

For any company to get onboard the targeted audience needs some successful and surefire marketing strategy. Cricbuzz has started many marketing campaigns in order to catch the eye of the cricket and sports fans around the world and capture the market.

It has started a campaign “ Strategic timeout” , a major timeout in the world’s famous cricket league of India, IPL.  Also the cricbuzz team keep engaging the users and audience with the attractive challenges and keep them active and retained.

Some of the major and famous challenges of the cricbuzz include Mask India, AbCricketBuzzega. With these cricbuzz was able to gain popularity in the world of cricket and other sports and become the favourite sports site in the world.   

Cricbuzz ad


Since inception, cricbuzz has faced many obstacles in the business line in different years. 

Cricbuzz was started when there was no such website and platform in India for cricket and other sports news, updates. It was the challenge for the cricbuzz to make the users and fans aware of the website and facility and service it offers.

In the Initial years very few people were engaged on the website. The users traffic was very low which was the major concern of the company to grow and make a successful website for sports news.

But, Over the years cricbuzz has overcome all these obstacles and hurdles on the path and today is leading as the most successful sports news website in the world.

Future Plans

With increasing the sports trend and large fan base cricbuzz is ensuring to offer best services and updates to the users. Company is creating an engaging and attractive website with unique visuals of sports related to keep the users engaged while going through the scoreboard and news. Company also ensures HD quality for the users streaming the matches live from cricbuzz. Cricbuzz is promising an overall all best experience to the users to enjoy their favourite sports and team matches from the incredible website and application. 

Future Plans


Since inception cricbuzz has been awarded and honoured with many awards and recognition for the work, service and records. 

In 2019, it was ranked 406 globally. It is also ranked 40 in India by Alexa Internet.

With the major traffic of more than 496.25 organic traffic, it was ranked 26th in the world for the Top Website by Organic rank.

In 2014, Cricbuzz was also the 7th most searched site in India.

Conclusion: With the sports gaining popularity in the world and more and more people, mainly youngsters, are connecting with the sports, Cricbuzz is winning the hearts of the sports lover. Offering the best services to the users, keeping their needs in concern, Cricbuzz has become the leader in the sports news market. Bringing the new changes and unique experience for the users cricbuzz is creating a complete incredible space for the sports lover.

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