On Monday, food ordering app Swiggy declared the launch of a special care package rendering support to its over 1.5 lakh delivery partners and their families. The care package labelled as ‘Swiggy Suraksha’ embraces a collective of services such as more potent financial assistance and hospitalization retreat for delivery partners and their families afflicted by COVID-19.

COVID-19: Swiggy propels special care packages for delivery partners across India
Image Courtesy- theeconomictimes.com

The severe surge in this Covid19 pandemic led to enormous deaths of members while serving food for the people. The renowned food delivery platform Swiggy took immense great initiatives to support and aid its members all over the country. 

In May, the company had initiated various vaccination drives for its delivery partners across the country.

Swiggy COO Vivek Sunder said, “With Swiggy Suraksha, we are making sure that our delivery heroes also have the necessary support- including a 24*7 hotline for medical emergencies, access to doctors for themselves and their families, income support, free access to vaccines, hospitalisation cover for themselves and their families if affected by COVID. ” 

Among additional things, in the ‘Swiggy Suraksha’ scheme all COVID-19 induced delivery partners will be likely to get financial assistance and nutrition care aid of Rs 14,000 for two weeks without bothering about gaining a subsistence during their recovery period, Swiggy stated.

In cities like Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Chennai, if the co-workers choose to, Swiggy will do doorstep delivery of homestyle meals cooked in its cloud kitchens, it continued.

Delivery partners and their families who test positive will endure better and enhanced hospitalisation cover of up to 1.5 lakh rupees under the Swiggy Suraksha.

The company has also intensified their life insurance cover to 5 lakh rupees in the case of the unfortunate death of a delivery partner due to CoVID-19, Swiggy announced.

The company’s 24/7 COVID hotline with employee volunteers and dedicated members will support and help the delivery partners, their friends, and families with access to beds, ambulances, oxygen support, medical support, plasma support by seeking and verifying the availability of these crucial resources, Swiggy stated.