Atsuya Technologies which is a Chennai-based deep tech startup has been awarded the “Great Place to Work” Certification due to its “People-first approach” and “High-Trust work environment”. Atsuya works with various national and international companies to help them achieve sustainable development goals (SDGs).

The certification proves that Atsuya’s commitment to creating a workplace culture based on trust, respect, and collaboration is impeccable.  Kaushik Venkateshwar KV, the Human Resource Manager at Atsuya Technologies, stated that the company believes that a happy, engaged, and fulfilled workforce can make a positive impact on the business and its customers.

Atsuya’s co-founder and CEO, Rahul Ganapathy, emphasized the company’s focus on empowering its employees, which has been instrumental in achieving the certification.

The Leading people of the Organization believe in creating and sustaining a great workplace for every employee, regardless of their role, gender, tenure, or level. Atsuya works hard to deliver a consistent experience to all of its employees, and its leaders are role models for all leaders.

Atsuya’s attainment of the esteemed “Great Place to Work” certification is a testament to the company’s unwavering dedication to cultivating an environment that is both fruitful and favorable for its workforce. The people-centric approach espoused by Atsuya, coupled with its environment of high trust, has played an integral role in the creation of a content and connected team.

The certification serves as a manifestation of the organization’s values and its commitment to the well-being of its employees, an attribute that has enabled Atsuya to draw in and retain top-tier talent. The culture fostered within the company that is predicated on trust, deference, and cooperation has engendered a deep sense of camaraderie among staff members, thereby facilitating a positive and productive workplace.

Atsuya’s multifarious pursuits in collaboration with both domestic and international corporations towards the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) serve as a testament to the company’s solemn obligation to effectuate a significant impact on society. The corporation’s emphasis on sustainable development concurs with the Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations, which endeavor to propel economic growth while ensuring the perpetuation of social and environmental sustainability.

To sum up, the certification of being a “Great Place to Work” symbolizes Atsuya’s determination to establish a sanguine and prolific work milieu grounded on confidence, reverence, and cooperation. This recognition evinces the corporation’s dedication to empowering its workforce, providing a consistent employee experience, and achieving sustainable financial performance. Atsuya’s efforts in collaborating with a diverse set of national and international corporations to assist them in realizing sustainable development goals (SDGs) underscores the organization’s commitment to engendering a favorable impact on society.