The new service is named BYJU’S Home Tuitions, and it is currently available throughout Bengaluru and Patna.

BYJU’S, an ed-tech decacorn, has developed a one-on-one home tuition trial program in order to reach a new target group in the K-12 market.

According to ET, the home tuition program has roughly 100 teachers and has already hosted nearly 650 lessons. According to the edtech’s website, the new option is named BYJU’S Home Tuitions and is currently offered throughout Bengaluru and Patna.

According to its website, ‘BYJU’S qualified instructors’ conduct classes at home, using video content to teach crucial ideas, as has been the edtech’s standard operating procedure. For the time being, customers can only register for science and math.

In addition, BYJU’s is trying to expand the pilot project across the country, and the edtech decacorn is encouraging tutors from all around to apply. Anyone who wants to teach is welcome to apply, including students enrolled in relevant undergraduate or postgraduate programs.

“We are searching for dedicated instructors who can be our partners in revolutionizing the way home tuitions are taken across India using BYJU’s philosophy,” the edtech said on its home tuition application website. To be eligible for bringing home tuitions, BYJU’s has additionally imposed the ownership of a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler.

BYJU’s home tuitions arrive at a time when the edtech is undergoing a makeover after a rough 2022. Last year, the edtech industry was continuously besieged by problems, including delayed financial reporting, layoffs, unpaid loans, and even claims of mis-selling.

The edtech decacorn has also been on a cost-cutting spree since mid-2022, with the goal of becoming profitable in 2023. Furthermore, it recently announced that it would not renew various sponsorship agreements with FIFA, ICC, and BCCI in order to save money.

To address the complaints, BYJU’S recently changed their direct sales technique with a four-tier tech-driven internal sales process. This method would be fully remote and would include a centralized tech-driven audit mechanism that would ensure all sales went through three rounds of verification, according to a statement from BYJU’S.

In India, the home tutoring market is severely fragmented due to a lack of defined laws. While the pilot initiative is still in its early stages, BYJU’s faces the potential of tutors undercutting the company’s pricing and going independent.