We all know the charisma and vibrant personality of Yuvraj Singh, a former Indian cricketer. The six sixes and the dominant strokes of his batting amaze us all to this day. Yuvraj Singh or Yuvi Paaji was born in Chandigarh, India, and was an all-rounder cricket player for the Indian international team.

Yuvraj Singh started his career in the national team in 2000 and played internationally till June 2017, against West Indies. He announced his retirement from all categories of cricket in 2019. Yuvraj Singh was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his left lung but still fought it and made a comeback. 

Yuvraj Singh

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Lists of brands endorsed by Yuvraj Singh:


Howzat is categorized as a platform for fantasy sports. Howzat offers both a website and an online mobile application for gaming. The platform allows users to earn money while playing games. 

Howzt was launched in 2019. Yuvraj Singh was selected by the Howzat team to be present in the advertisements and be a major part of the campaign. Howzat was certain that Yuvraj’s reputation in the game of cricket would strengthen the success of the online gaming platform.

Howzat- Yuvraj Singh


In India, Pepsi first launched itself in 1989 as the PepsiCo company. Pepsi has performed well and become one of the most profitable and largest beverage companies in India. Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh, Rahul Dravid, Sachin Tendulkar, and Virender Sehwag joined the brand in 2007. The commercial became extremely famous in spite of the fact that India lost at the World Cup then.


The German company, Puma came to India at the beginning of 2006. Puma is a sports apparel company that manufactures high-quality shoes, sports sweatshirts, hoodies, and many more. In 2011, Puma chose Yuvraj Singh as their brand ambassador. 

Puma- Yuvraj Singh

Yuvi Paaji is a stellar icon to the youth of India and the higher management team of Puma India understands that deeply. Yuvraj Singh was more than happy to join the beautiful team of Puma.


The Whirlpool company came to India in the 1980s. The company first manufactured washing machines in our country. The Indian Premier League season in 2012 had Whirlpool as the cooling partner for Kings XI’s Punjab. The promotion of Whirlpool was executed by the then skipper, Yuvraj Singh along with Kiran Kher with the joyous vibe of the Punjabis. 



Revital by Ranbaxy arrived in India in 1989. Revital offers itself as an energy capsule that balances vitamins and essential minerals required by our body. Yuvraj Singh was the brand ambassador of Revital for a short period of time. 

Later, he was replaced by Salman Khan. Yuvraj Singh during his endorsement by Revital portrayed motivation for the youth of India to choose a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle with the power of Revital. 


WellVersed launched in India in 2018 as a nutrition company. Yuvraj Singh has been with the brand for a long time. Aanan Khurma, Co-Founder of WellVersed, shows the utmost respect for Yuvraj Singh due to his ‘never give up’ mindset. 

Aanan also shares that Yuvraj has seen it all from an athlete and well-performing sportsman to a cancer survivor and so Yuvraj is very well suited for WellVersed’s ideology. Yuvraj Singh is the best person for the company to show the importance of a healthy lifestyle. 


Aakash Institute-

Aakash Institute was formed in 1988 as a generous coaching center to guide students for academic and career excellence. The center started with just 12 students and currently, Aakash Institute is one of the most popular educational centers in India. They have branches in almost every city in India and offer quality mentoring and guidance for students sitting for joint entrance exams.

 In 2020, Yuvraj Singh joined the marketing campaign of Aakash Institute with the motto of ‘coming back stronger’. Aakash Chaudhury, Director, and CEO of Aakash Institute admires Yuvraj Singh for his immense success and jolly nature. Yuvraj’s strong presence inspires all the students to aspire for more success in life and career.


Cadbury chocolate was introduced in 2016. In the 2019 season of the Indian Premier League, Yuvraj Singh and Rishabh Pant joined the team for an advertisement. The campaign turned out to be extremely popular. 

Birla Sun Life Insurance-

The Birla company was established in the year 2000 and they started their operation in 2001. The Birla Sun Life Insurance offers several ranges of insurance that are essential in a person’s life. Since 2009, Yuvraj Singh has been endorsing the company. The higher management of Birla Sun Life gets a huge amount of inspiration from the resilience of cricketers

Yuvraj Singh’s life has been set as an example of a fighter when it comes to challenging oneself in sickness and in health. Yuvraj Singh always lives by the principle that expresses the strength of a cricketer’s life till their bat performs well. 

Birla Sun Life Insurance - Yuvraj Singh


Lay’s is a potato chips company that launched in India in 1995. Within just a few years, Lay’s became very successful and came out as one of the leading potato chips companies in India. Yuvraj Singh became a part of a campaign in 2019 that had the motto ‘Wavez4India’. 

The senior management of the company’s marketing division said that Yuvraj Singh’s collaboration with Lay’s made this initiative very popular among consumers in India. 

Life will often through unexpected turns of events in our lives. We have to keep our calm at all costs and put in efforts according to the will of time. Being a successful cricketer, who takes health and fitness as to top priority, Yuvraj Singh encountered such terrible news of personal illness. Still, he fought through this with the help of his own psychological and physical determination along with the love and support of his family, friends, and his fans. Let us all hope and pray for the well-being of all as this earth has us as its most valuable asset. 

Frequently Asked Questions-

  1. What is Yuvraj Singh’s net worth?

Ans– The net worth of Yuvraj Singh is about Rs. 258 crores. 

  1. Who is the father of Yuvraj Singh?

Ans- Yograj Singh, the former India cricketer, is the father of Yuvraj Singh.

  1. Which brands endorse Yuvraj Singh?

Ans– Yuvraj Singh is endorsed by brands like WellVerses, Birla Sun Life Insurance, Puma, Pepsi, and many others.