Sun Mobility, a leading supplier of sustainable urban mobility solutions, has joined forces with Bluwheelz in a strategic alliance. 

Sun Mobility is an electric mobility energy infrastructure and services provider. Sun Mobility, which was founded in 2017, aims to make electric cars accessible and inexpensive to everybody.

Sun Mobility’s unique battery-switching approach solves critical challenges such as high initial costs, range anxiety, and lengthy charging periods. Users can change out a drained battery with a fully charged one in minutes using Sun Mobility’s battery swapping technology, making electric cars a more practical alternative for daily commuting.

Sun Mobility is now only available in India, but it intends to expand into other markets in the future. The firm has collaborated with a number of big car manufacturers and fleet operators, and thousands of battery-switching stations have been installed throughout India.

According to the agreement, Bluwheelz’s fleet will use a battery-swapping system based on Battery-as-a-service and Mobility-as-a-service.

The partners want to deploy approximately 15,000 electric two-wheelers and 1,000 electric three-wheelers in all major cities during the next year. Sun Mobility also intends to convert 1,000 of BluWheelz’s current four-wheeler loader fleet to electric during the following 12 months.

The deployment in Delhi has already begun, with around 500 cars on the roads, with growth set to begin shortly in Bengaluru and Hyderabad. The objective is to cut emissions, relieve traffic congestion, and improve last-mile connectivity in cities. 

Sun Mobility offers a large network of over 600 swap stations around the nation, providing Bluwheelz consumers with a smooth and easy battery-shifting experience. This partnership demonstrates both firms’ dedication to providing efficient and sustainable transit solutions that are adapted to the changing demands of contemporary cities.

Anant Badjatya, CEO, of Sun Mobility, said, “Our collaboration with Bluwheelz is a significant step forward in our mission to revolutionise urban mobility. We are now doing more than a million swaps every month and with partners like Bluwheelz we will empower more people to choose sustainable transportation options, making our cities cleaner and more liveable.” 

Sanjiv Gupta, Chairman, Bluwheelz stated, “Bluwheelz is committed to delivering cutting-edge logistics solutions that prioritize both efficiency and environmental responsibility. Our collaboration with Sun Mobility perfectly resonates with our mission to pave the way for a more sustainable and eco-friendly future in the realm of mid-mile and last-mile logistics across the country.”