Switzerland is bracing for a possible blackout. Under the proposal, the country plans to limit energy consumption in buildings and could even ban concerts, theatrical performances, and sporting events. If the situation worsens, Switzerland wants to restrict the use of trams only to essential travel activities.

Switzerland is considering banning electric cars in the country. According to an article in The Telegraph, the country’s authorities have drafted a proposal limiting electricity use to prevent blackouts and blackouts.

Switzerland relies heavily on hydroelectricity to meet its energy needs; About 60%ca of the country’s electricity comes from hydroelectricity.

The government also imports electricity from neighboring countries France and Germany, which are now in an energy crisis like other European countries due to the war in Ukraine.

French utility EDF is racing against time to keep its fleet running at total capacity, even in the dead of winter, with electricity production dropping to a 30-year low in early 2022 due to record reactor shutdowns. France is more vulnerable than other European countries to the European energy crisis caused by the war in Ukraine due to the low availability of nuclear weapons and particularly temperature-sensitive demand.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a major oil and gas exporter, has triggered an energy crisis and prompted European countries heavily dependent on Russian supplies to diversify their supplies. So Switzerland is preparing for the blackout. Under the proposal, states could limit energy use in buildings and ban concerts, theatrical performances, and sporting events.

If things get worse, Switzerland wants to limit electric cars use to essential travel only. In addition to this, the Swiss electricity plan also includes measures such as banning cryptocurrency mining and closing escalators.