Foodies are there all over the world. Where it is about Indore/Delhi/ Mumbai of India or  NewYork/Chicago/ Los Angeles of America. The varieties of food and taste in the world make this world a more soothing place to live. The delicious food, beverages, different taste, authentic country food are the attraction of the world for foodies. In the USA, different cities have their own famous food. This article will let you know the Best Restaurants in the U.S. where you can get your favourite delicious food and upload it on your social media profile.

Some best restaurants in the U.S.

1. In Bocca al Lupo

In Bocca al Lupo -Best Restaurants in the U.S.

Opened in Mar 2016, In Bocca al Lupo is an Italian food restaurant located in Alkasa, USA.  The restaurant was featured in the top 50 best restaurants of 2023 in the USA by the New York Times. The menu of the restaurant includes a famous Salsiccia Pizza of the restaurant and King Crab Pappardelle. The restaurant remains open from 5 pm to 9 pm on Tue -Sat and closed on Monday, Sunday. Customers can book a reservation of their table through the restaurant page and the restaurant offers rental for private events on prior information. Enjoy your favourite Italian food at the restaurant with the soothing family atmosphere.

2. Yess


Situated in Los Angeles, Yess is a famous Japanese food restaurant that opened in May 2023. With a peaceful dining surrounded by a well dressed white uniform staff, Yess offers a luxurious and soothing dinner experience to the customers. Along with the food, Yess offers varieties of beverages and beers. Yess was included in the New York Time top 50 restaurants list 2023. A well furnished restaurant with blonde woods is offering seafood, vegan friendly items. The restaurant has an open kitchen with chefs in white robes. It is incredible that a 4 month old restaurant is offering the best food in the city and has been spotted in the New York Times top 50 restaurant list 2023. With a well designed seating and dining area, the restaurant is giving a luxury and comfortable seating along with the best foods.

3. Perilla L.A

Perilla L.A -Best Restaurants in the U.S.

A Korean restaurant located in Los Angeles, California. Opened in July 2023, in just 3 months this restaurant has become the favourite korean food stop for Americans. Perilla is one of the best restaurants in the USA and named in the top 50 restaurant list by New York Times 2023. It is a great Korean food restaurant that can offer you the best place with patio tables or at the retail complex’s outdoor dining area to enjoy your lunch/ dinner. The restaurants remain open from Wed- Sun, 11AM to 5Pm.

4. Quarter Sheets

Quarter Sheets

Opened in Jan 2022, Quarter has been offering the best Pizza in the city. The restaurant stood out in the top 50 list of best restaurants by New York Times in 2023. As per the rating, the restaurant has been rated 4.6/5 star on The restaurant offers varieties of Pizza and cakes On the first day of opening the restaurant offered only slice pizza and cakes to the customers. Offering the delicious and healthy salad, desserts, pizza, beverages, Quarter Sheets is giving a taste to the foodies.

5. Noodle in a Haystack

Noodle in a Haystack -Best Restaurants in the U.S.

One of the best Japanese restaurants located in San Francisco. Noodle was established in April 2022, offers a lucrative dining experience with a pre booking of tables for 3-4 weeks. Restaurant was opened by a Japanese chef Clint and his wife Yoko. Restaurants offer following amenities to the customers, Health score PASS, good delicious desert, street parking,  gender neutral restaurant, beer and wine only, asian owned, accepts credit cards, moderate noise, with a pre reservation.

6. Prik Hom

Prik Hom

Prik Hom has recently opened in feb 2023 in San Francisco and offers Thai food. In just a few months of its opening the restaurant was able to stand out in the New York Times top 50 list of best restaurants in 2023.The restaurant is famous for authentic thai food cooked with local ingredients with traditional methods. Restaurant allows pre-booking of table facilities to the customers to eliminate the wait for tables to have their favourite delicious Thai food. A small yet the best restaurant in the city for Thai food. The restaurant has following popular dishes: Eggplant with basil, Beef cheek panang curry, grilled beef wrap curry.

7. La Diabla Pozole Y Mezcal 

La Diabla Pozole Y Mezcal 

Opened in 2021, La Diabla is a Mexican restaurant in Colorado, United States. It is owned by chef Jose Avila. The best dishes and beverages of the restaurant include Pozole, broth, cocktail, giving the authentic mexican touch won the heart of the foodies. The restaurant has made a name in the top 50 list of best restaurants in 2023 by New York Times.

It was also named as the best restaurant by Denver Post in 2021.

Amenities: Vegan option available, bars, happy hour special offers, wednesday night offers, free wifi, soothing atmosphere, takeout option.

You can visit the official website of the restaurant to check out best offers available

Pozole, Entradas, Guisados are the best food of the restaurant.

8. Molotov Kitchen + Cocktails

Molotov Kitchen + Cocktails

Located in Denver, Molotov is an Ukranian restaurant offering Ukranian taste to the Americans. The restaurant was opened in Jan 2023 by Chef Bo Porytko. The restaurant was spotted in the top 50 best restaurants in the USA by the New York Times. The restaurant remains open from Wednesday to Sunday from 5 to 9 pm. Molotov offers eastern european food and featured cocktails to the customers. The restaurant accepts reservations and walkin facilities.

9. Ore Hill

Ore Hill

Started in April 2023, Ore Hill is a farm to table modern restaurant located in Kent, Connecticut. The restaurant changes the menu seasonally, and with minor change on weekly basis. The restaurant takes the material from the local farms and Rock Cobble farm. The restaurant has made a name in the top 50 restaurants in the USA by the New York time 2023 list. With a $95 restaurant offers the best farm food to the restaurant table. Ore hill has a sunday offering from the customer with a beautiful tea experience on the second sunday of the month.

Along with the curated snack restaurant makes the sunday special with fresh farm produce.

10. Maty’s


Located in Miami, Maty’s is a Peruvian cuisine. The restaurant is owned by Val Chang and has been named after her grandmother. The famous dishes of the restaurant include black grouper ceviche, yuca rellena, lamb seco with cilantro and squash.

The restaurant has a one time capacity of 150 guests with two large group tables. Restaurant also offers bars and lounge service to complement the best cuisine. 

The owner Chang has said that “the food that created me will be the food created here”. The restaurant has a soothing environment with well structured seating and wall designs to keep the guest attract and engage.

Conclusion: These are the top and best restaurants of the USA that offer delicious and authentic food to the guests. The food offered by them are of different nations and brings the taste of the world to the Americans.