Cloud Storage is a way to store data online instead of your local computer. Requires an Internet connection to upload, convert, and share documents, presentations, spreadsheets, photos, audio, video, etc. and others. Online storage service providers do not store any data on your PC database. Cloud storage tools help you access your data on any device.

 1. Icedrive

Icedrive is a next-generation cloud service that helps you access, manage, and update your cloud storage easily. Provides a place to share, display, and share your files.


  • The only cloud storage solution to support Twofish Encryption. Everything is encrypted on the client side without the knowledge of your data
  • Allows you to save up to 10 GB of files for free.
  • No Time Alignment Needed as you can mount Mount IceDrive with a simple click.
  • Icedrive provides a clean and easy-to-use interface to manage your files.
  • Stream media from cloud storage and easily share with friends

 2. Internxt

Internxt Drive is one of the free cloud storage services with the highest level of privacy and security. Allows you and your team to store different types of files in complete security.


  • Allows you to access a group of customized applications across your devices.
  • You can upload content remotely.
  • Allows you to save and retrieve data at any time.
  • Provides reliable customer support.
  • It offers many price options.
  • Allows you to save up to 2 GB of files for free.

3. Sync is a cloud file sharing service from any computer or mobile device. Sync provides an ideal solution for storing and sharing confidential and sensitive data.


  • Sync allows you to send files of any size to anyone, even if they do not have a registered account.
  • Sync can support Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.
  • Sync provides unlimited data transfer across all systems.
  • Unlimited storage available to group users (2+)
  • Slack integration with Microsoft Office
  • Additional storage space is available by completing tasks

4. Mega

Mega is an online file storage and hosting service provided by Mega Limited. Mega is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.


  • Offers 20 GB of free storage space.
  • Uses keys to encrypt files and chats.
  • Mega lets you sync files and folders.
  • Upload or download 1 GB data every 6 hours

5. pCloud

PCloud is secure and easy to use for cloud storage in your documents. This tool allows you to share and share files with your employees, friends, and relatives.


  • It helps you to keep your files private with a high level of encryption.
  • Allows you to backup your important memories to pCloud with the click of a button.
  • It helps you to sort your files according to their file format.
  • It saves changes to your files for some time, which helps you to search archive files.

6. Degoo

This one offers 100 GB of free storage for anyone who creates an account.

If you have a lot of friends who want to use Degoo to save their files, you can get 500 GB more by sending them to create an account. You get 5 GB per person who joins your post. You can also view ads for more free online space (<1 GB per viewed ad), without the maximum limit on how much storage you can get for free.

7. Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud storage service provided by Google. Each new user gets 15 GB of free space.

Total storage is actually shared with other Google services, such as Gmail and Google Photos. If you do not use these services, you can use almost all of the space in Google Drive alone. Remember that Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Slides, Drawings, Forms, Photos, Gmail, and Jamboard files all compete for that free 15 GB share.

Desktop users can install a sync client, which supports folder and file uploads. There is also a mobile app that can send photos and videos to your account.

Folders and files can be shared with specific Google users by their email address or by anyone with a public link. You can also create a view only file, which prevents someone from downloading it.

Google Drive makes it very easy to interact with others. You can allow comments on a document or allow files to be opened and accessed by more than one person at a time. Since Google Workspace is available to everyone, you can also give participants control over file sharing rules of trust.

8. OneDrive

OneDrive is the ultimate online service from Microsoft. Everyone gets 5 GB of free space when they sign up.

Additional hosting is provided if you follow certain instructions, such as transferring friends and syncing mobile photos.

The desktop system allows you to easily transfer folders and files of any kind, making them accessible to mobile phones. The mobile app can also upload files — both photos and videos.

Supports sharing of both folders and files with unregistered users, and you can grant editing or viewing rights only with permissions.

9. Yandex.Disk

Yandex is a Russian company that is well known for its Yandex Search and Yandex email services, but they also have others like Yandex.Disk. Provides 10 GB of free cloud storage for anyone creating an account.

There are many useful features, such as public and private folder and file sharing, the ability to import photos via social media, bulk downloads, automatic mobile uploads, and drag and drop support.

You can upgrade to Yandex.Disk Pro to get 100 GB or more of space.

10. Sync

You get 5 GB of free cloud storage when you sign up for Sync.

Like other applications in this list, it can load multiple files at once on both the web interface and mobile and desktop applications.

You can create folders assigned to other users to share with and share any folder or file with anyone, whether you are a Sync user.

Vault is a folder in which you can upload files so that they are not synced on all your other devices. This is useful if you just want to archive some files online but do not need them elsewhere.

Where can I get 1tb cloud storage for free?

  • CBD (10GB Free Cloud Storage)
  • Degoo (100GB Free Cloud Storage)
  • Mega (50GB Free Cloud Storage)
  • Blomp (20GB Free Cloud Storage)
  • Google Drive (15GB Free Cloud Storage)
  • pCloud (10GB Free Cloud Storage)
  • IceDrive (10GB Free Cloud Storage)
  • OneDrive (5GB Free Cloud Storage)