In recent years, we have seen a dramatic change from conventional advertising to integrated advertising. As an integral part of integrated marketing communications, Public Relations or more commonly known as PR enables businesses to strengthen their marketing message effectively and efficiently. Public relations are a powerful management tool for companies to achieve their business goals and build their image and presence. However, public relations and advertising are often overused and overlooked as companies are unsure of what PR is and what it can do.

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Here are 5 PR benefits you can consider:

1. Increase the reliability of your product

Social media marketing gives credibility to your business as the content is very authentic and informative. Research shows that PR offers more visibility and credibility among consumer markets than advertising that is seen as more advertising.

2. Attract your target market

PR allows an easy way to maintain and attract a targeted market. A well-written article for your product/service offered in a magazine can be very appealing and effective compared to an advertisement in that magazine. In addition, by using multiple media sources from the PR agency, you can effectively communicate your important messages and help you get the next step closer to achieving your company’s goals.

3. Give an extra value

PR can give you a unique touch space and add value to your product offering that can help differentiate you from your competitors and put you ahead of your particular industry. In addition, PR can increase value by increasing the visibility of your products and services, personalizing your product, enhancing your profile, building stronger relationships, managing your reputation, assisting with your marketing process and adding value to your customers through case studies. All in all, it is a win-win situation.

4. A short and long lead generation

PR media placement is a long-term placement as you may initially be available on a large number of leads. But over time you will notice that there is still leadership from just talking to the media. Production leads will appear more frequently as businesses and customers stagger in PR.

5. Create an image of your product

People tend to think that PR is about advertising something or a special deal. This is a misconception as PR pushes your entire business to growth and rewards a lot of success. When done right, PR can create a better brand image in the minds of your customers that gives you a better way for your company. A good brand image is an ineligible business investment and will give value to your product and your customer as it helps shape every aspect of your business as a whole.


We hope this article has helped you to gain a better understanding of the important advantages and disadvantages of Public Relations. It is important to remember that the benefits of public relations really do come when you have a long-term PR strategy, as the results of your efforts become more significant over time. Depending on the nature of public relations, working with a PR agency can help you to solve problems that you may encounter in conducting a results-driven campaign. Partnering with PR professionals will also help you better manage your reputation, establish trust and credibility, and avoid difficulties when it comes to measuring PR success.