Caffeine is a stimulant and the most commonly used drug in the world. Every day, millions consume it to increase wakefulness, alleviate fatigue, and improve concentration and focus.

Benefits and side effects of caffeine
Benefits and side effects of caffeine

Benefits of caffeine: 

  1. Promotes weight loss by stimulating thermogenesis ie. generation of more heat by the body by increasing digestion
  2. Prevents weight gain mainly by suppressing hunger and hence excess food intake that causes weight gain. 
  3. Increases mental alertness and improves speed , reasoning and memory 
  4. Improves physical performsnce during endurance exercise 
  5. When it comes to brain function,  studies have suggested that drinking coffee may help enhance some thinking skills and slow the mental decline that comes with age.
  6. Lifelong and higher consumption of caffeine might lower the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. 
  7. Some studies suggest that caffeine intake after long hours of studying may help to boost long term memory 
  8. Caffeine helps protect the formation of cataracts 
  9. There is some evidence that caffeine may help protect people from an eye disorder known as blepharospasm.

(Constant fluttering of eye)

  1. Caffeine may guard against skin cancer 
  2. Lowers the risk of development of kidney stones. 

Side effects of caffeine: 

  1. Anxiety : hypersensitivity 
  2. Insomnia : sleeplessness at night
  3. Digestive issues : large doses may lead to loose stool or GERD
  4. Muscle breakdown : damaged muscle fires enter blood stream damaging kidney 
  5. Addiction : withdrawal symptoms might be seen if caffeine consumption is interrupted 
  6. High blood pressure : caffeine seems to raise BP 
  7. Rapid heart rate : large doses of caffeine increase heart rate 
  8. Fatigue : it can be experienced when it’s effect wears off 
  9. Frequent urination and urgency : high caffeine leads to increase in frequency and urgency of urination 

Top ten coffee brands in India: 

  1. Blue tokai coffee roasters 
  2. Davidoff 
  3. The Indian bean 
  4. Lavazza espresso 
  5. County bean
  6. Sleepy owl 
  7. Nescafe 
  8. Seven beans coffee
  9. Rage coffee
  10. The coffee Co