The central government notified the Supreme Court that the armed forces will take women into the National Defence Academy of India. Taking this piece of information to the bench, headed by Justice S K Kaul, Additional Solicitor General, Aishwarya Bhati declared that the armed forces will introduce women in NDA who will be granted a permanent commission through the academy.

Armed forces to admit women in National Defence Academy

“The idea is when nothing happens, the court steps in. Let me assure you it’s not a happy situation to step in and we would like the armed services to do it themselves. They are very respected forces of the country but on gender equality, they have to do more, and sometimes the resistance does not come out well,” said the bench in the regard of continuously jogging the authorities to do the procedure and infrastructural changes themselves.
The bench added, “I am happy that the needs of armed forces have taken a positive decision. Put on a record, we will take up the matter. We are happy with the stand. Let us hear the matter next week. Reforms cannot happen in a day. We are also conscious of that.”
Ms. Bhati shared with the bench that the matter is listed two weeks after the thought of taking in women was still nurturing in mind.

Source: Press Trust Of India