Kuppuswamy has nearly three decades of experience in consumer banking.

Aparna Kuppuswamy, a former SBI executive, has been named Chief Risk Officer at BharatPe Group.

She will be in charge of the risk portfolio for the entire BharatPe Group, including the merchant and consumer businesses. Kuppuswamy will collaborate closely with BharatPe’s CFO and interim CEO, Nalin Negi, to establish a lending vertical.

She was the Chief Risk Officer at SBI Cards for over 14 years before joining BharatPe, where she led a number of projects and was a member of the leadership team that took SBI Cards public.

She oversaw the CISO organization’s technology risk function, which included overseeing physical and cyber security policies and practices.

Aparna Kuppuswamy has nearly three decades of experience in the consumer banking industry, as well as expertise in portfolio management across all major product lines, including credit cards, mortgages, and unsecured personal loans.

Kuppuswamy previously worked at Ameriprise Financial as the Director of Credit Policy. She has also held positions of leadership at ABN AMRO Bank and Bank of America. She graduated from the University of Delhi with a Master’s degree in Finance and Control.

Creating innovative products

“Aparna with her in-depth understanding of all facets of risk strategy, credit policy, and portfolio management, as well as extensive industry and product knowledge, will play a vital role in the next phase of our growth story, as well as helping us become IPO ready,” Negi said of the appointment.

“Additionally, Aparna’s understanding of the consumer side of financial services will help us build cutting-edge products that are not only relevant but also risk averse,” said BharatPe’s CFO and interim CEO. Finally, her expertise in technology risk management will ensure that we build highly secure products for our merchant partners and consumers.”

Amit Jain, the current Chief Risk Officer of BharatPe, will work closely with Aparna and will devote more of his time to merchant collections and underwriting.

“I am really excited to be a part of the promising organization and spearhead the risk and credit strategy for the BharatPe Group of companies,” Kuppuswamy added. I am looking forward to working with the team to develop new products that will have a significant impact on millions of unbanked and underserved businesses and will play an important role in transforming India into a truly digital economy.”