An award is always a coveted option for dreams to be realized. For any author to establish authority, an award works out as the best option. With that premise, The LIT Digital Awards 2022 provides an opportunity for each author to reinforce the presence of their authority through their various creations. Amidst a plethora of old, established, and new upcoming authors, The LIT Digital Awards provides a unique space for the authors to make a mark after passing through the tests of an eminent and competent jury board. Moreover, the award is providing a platform for a wide range of topics to be showcased with literary prowess. The Literary Mirror, Editor in Chief has made a commendable job in mobilizing a highly renowned team of jury members to evaluate literary masterpieces from all genres.

According to the author Prof. Anandajit Goswami who created the Lucy Series, a unique step in the genre of Children Science Fiction for Sustainability did not expect that the third in the series will make it to the long list. However, the uniqueness of the plot, narration style, visual imageries, and complex tension between the social, economic, political, cultural, and psychological issues of the world depicted through a world of fantasy, fiction, magic realism, and dystopic storytelling has caught the attention of the jury members. This distinct authenticity of the work is what made it reach the longlist of The LIT Digital Awards 2022.

Prof. Anandajit Goswami, who has a Ph.D. in Energy Economics and Policy and is also the Director of the Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences at the Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies highlights the importance of writing as a catharsis in his life. In the journey of a research scholar, several issues motivate a scholar or push a scholar towards a deep dive into an ocean of imagination with no base. Often the base is therefore found in depicting futuristic storytelling. Therefore, characters like Lucy, Madhyam, Faith, Dr. Jacob, and Dr. Ghosh were born to understand the various patterns of imagination which keep on interplaying within the ocean of imagination of a storyteller who is a research scholar too.

Therefore, when a research scholar is not able to bring reform by being situationally located in the claustrophobia of a cluttered, unliberated, bonded society, a story like Lucy and The Rise of The Parabola helps Prof. Goswami to break the Gordon’s Knot and reach the liberation point where he along with the authors and the unliberated people of the society establishes a powerless control towards the direction of reforms for future.