Air conditioners have become a necessity more than a luxury in many parts of India due to the hot and humid climate in the summer months. India’s air conditioner market has been growing steadily as demand rises amongst middle-class consumers. As per industry reports, the AC market in India is expected to grow to over $5 billion by 2025. 

With many brands to be had inside the marketplace imparting diverse kinds of ACs, customers have a lot of alternatives to pick from. However, it can get complicated to pick the great emblem for your desires and finances. This article lists the top 10 AC brands in India based on parameters like marketplace percentage, product range, trendy technologies used, power performance, pricing, after-sales service, and standard logo recognition.

VoltasTata Group
LGKoo In-Hwoi, In-Keun Kim
SamsungLee Byung-Chul
DaikinAkira Yamada
HitachiNamihei Odaira 
WhirlpoolEmory Upton, Louis Upton
GodrejArdeshir Godrej, Pirojsha Godrej 
Blue Star Mohan T Advani 
LloydHavells India Limited 
Carrier Midea Carrier Corporation, Midea Group 

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Air Conditioner Brand 

Air Conditioner
Source: Onsitego 

Budget – Air conditioners range from affordable models under Rs 25,000 to premium ACs costing over Rs 60,000. Decide how much you want to spend first.

Capacity – Match the cargo to the room size for efficient cooling. Goes from 0.8 tons to 2 tons for residential spaces.  

Energy Efficiency – Higher stars and EER/ISEER ratings translate into lower electricity bills. Inverter ACs tend to be the most energy-efficient.

Features – Consider needs like adjustable cooling, WiFi controls, air purification filters, dust filters, dehumidification, etc.

Type – Window, split, or portable ACs. Splits are more popular nowadays for effective cooling.

Brand Reputation – Established brands like Voltas, LG, and Samsung are known for better quality and service.  

Warranties and Service – Longer warranties, and a wide service network matter for durability.

Top 10 Air Conditioner Brands in India 

1. Voltas

Source: Justdial 

FounderTata Group
No. of Employeesover 17,000

Market Share: Over 23% as per industry estimates in 2022

Product Range: Split, Window, and Inverter ACs 

Key Features: High energy efficiency ratio (EER), adjustable cooling modes, dehumidification, dust filters

Price Range: Mid to Premium

Why Buy: Excellent brand reputation and after-sales service across India

Voltas dominate the AC market with the highest market share in India. It offers an extensive range of products at mid to premium price points. Voltas ACs are also among the most energy-efficient thanks to using top-notch compressors and cooling technology. They introduced the first-of-its-kind Adjustable Cooling option for their ACs. With a focus on optimized cooling, low noise levels, and features like auto restart and sleep mode, Voltas ACs deliver comfort with low operating costs. The high quality and reliability have made Voltas a trusted brand among consumers over decades.

2. LG


FoundersKoo In-Hwoi, In-Keun Kim
HeadquartersSeoul, South Korea
No. of Employeesover 75,000

Market Share: 14% 

Product Range: Split, Window, Portable, and Inverter ACs

Key Features: DUAL Inverter Compressor, Ocean Black Protection, Low Gas Detection

Price Range: Mid to Premium

Why Buy: Pioneered Inverter AC technology in India, high-quality products

A globally-renowned brand, LG is second in terms of Indian AC market share. They were among the first to launch inverter ACs in India and their DUAL Inverter Compressor is a key technological innovation that improves variable speed operation to save power. Their latest models also boast India-specific features like mosquito-repellent technology. With a range extending across price segments, LG ACs stand out for their smart diagnosis technology, low noise levels, and efficient cooling modes. They offer conveniences like ocean black fins, auto clean, and stylish designs to match modern aesthetics.

3. Samsung


Source: Samsung Newsroom 

FounderLee Byung-Chul
HeadquartersSuwon, South Korea
No. of Employeesover 2,70,000

Market Share: 10% 

Product Range: Split, Window, Wind-Free, and Inverter ACs

Key Features: Digital Inverter, Triple Protector Plus, PM 2.5 Filter

Price Range: Mid to Premium

Why Buy: Cutting-edge design and premium build quality

The South Korean consumer electronics giant offers one of the most premium AC buying experiences in India. Boasting modern aesthetics and build quality, Samsung ACs are packed with advanced features like digital inverters, triple gas protection, and ultra-fine PM 2.5 filters. Their exclusive Wind-Free splits ACs provide a comfortable experience without any direct airflow, making it ideal for babies and the elderly. Known for innovation, Samsung ACs stand out with conveniences like auto cleaning and durability-enhancing ocean black protection. With customizable cooling and smart integration with home appliances, Samsung aims to deliver the ultimate personalized comfort.

4. Daikin

Source: IndiaMART

FounderAkira Yamada
HeadquartersOsaka, Japan
No. of Employeesover 71,000

Market Share: 8%  

Product Range: Split and Inverter ACs

Key Features: Neo Swing Inverter, Econo Mode, PM 2.5 Filter 

Price Range: Premium

Why Buy: Japanese technology, top-class energy efficiency, quick cooling

Known for their superior Japanese engineering and technology, Daikin ACs consistently rank among the most reliable and efficient. With a chart-topping energy efficiency ratio (EER) of over 4 on several models, Daikin ACs can translate into significant long-term savings on energy bills. Models with the Neo Swing Inverter adjust their power output as per varying heat loads to operate economically. Premium pricing is justified for some of the best-performing ACs in India. Daikin also offers conveniences like the Coanda airflow and intelligent eye technology for optimized cooling with low noise.

5. Hitachi

Source: Smartprix

FounderNamihei Odaira
HeadquartersTokyo, Japan
No. of Employeesover 3,00,000

Market Share: 7%  

Product Range: Split and Inverter ACs

Key Features: Expandable Inverter, Flexismart Inverter, Aerowings Swing

Price Range: Mid to Premium 

Why Buy: Excellent AC with modern design and long-term reliability 

The pioneer of the inverter AC concept globally in 1982, Hitachi offers world-class products featuring clever power-saving technology like the unique Expandable Inverter Compressor plus intelligent filtration with features such as Aerowings Swing for optimized air circulation. Known for reliability and durable operations of over 15 years, Hitachi provides great value with excellent cooling performance. With a focus on Japanese engineering and quality, Hitachi ACs deliver powerful cooling while operating quietly for comfort. Their wide range caters to rooms of all sizes for residential and commercial needs.

6. Whirlpool

Source: Gadgets 360

FoundersEmory Upton, Louis Upton
HeadquartersBenton Harbor, Michigan, USA
No. of Employeesover 78,000

Market Share: 7%

Product Range: Split and Inverter ACs

Key Features: 6TH Sense Ultra Inverter, IntelliSense Inverter, PM 2.5 Filter

Price Range: Mid 

Why Buy: Feature-rich ACs at reasonable pricing

One of the fastest-growing AC brands in India, Whirlpool provides an affordable option for price-sensitive consumers. Bringing modern air conditioning technology within reach of the masses, their inverter split ACs feature specialized cooling modes for optimized operations round the clock, saving on electricity. Models with PM 2.5 fine filters purify indoor air efficiently during peak pollution. With a wide range of capacity options, Whirlpool ACs are ideal for rooms of different sizes.

7. Godrej

Source: Gadgets 360 

FounderArdeshir Godrej, Pirojsha Godrej
No. of Employeesover 23,000

Market Share: 5%  

Product Range: Split, Window, and Inverter ACs

Key Features: Arctic Cool Technology, Anti-dust filter, Aqua Air shower 

Price Range: Mid

Why Buy: Feature-packed, reliable and affordable ACs

The storied Indian conglomerate offers economical split and window air conditioners incorporating useful India-centric features. These range from Anti-dust filters and antimicrobial coatings on newer models to block pollution to Aqua shower technology in older ACs for effectively cooling in high-humidity regions. Reasonable pricing coupled with low-maintenance operations makes Godrej a worthy brand for budget buyers. Godrej ACs also stand out for conveniences like auto restart, hive structure condensers for better heat exchange, and specialized cooling modes for all-weather operations.

8. Blue Star 

Blue Star
Source: Gadgets 360 

FounderMohan T Advani
No. of Employeesover 1,700

Market Share: 5%  

Product Range: Split, Window, Cassette, Tower and Inverter ACs

Key Features: HybridJet Inverter, Anti-corrosive Blue Fin coating, Silver ion filter

Price Range: Mid to Premium

Why Buy: Wide range including cassette and tower ACs, suited for commercial installations

Blue Star is one of the oldest and most reputed AC brands trusted by Indian homeowners for decades. Along with regular split and window ACs for residences, Blue Star offers specialized ACs like cassette and tower models optimally suited for commercial spaces like offices, restaurants, etc. Unique technologies include advanced compressors like HybridJet Inverter and silver ion filters for clean air along with anti-corrosive coatings for durable, hassle-free performance. With a focus on delivering excellence in both cooling efficiency as well as low-noise operations, Blue Star ACs are designed to provide the ultimate in comfort across residential and business premises.

9. Lloyd

Source: IndiaMART

FounderHavells India Limited
HeadquartersDelhi NCR
No. of EmployeesN/A

Market Share: 3%  

Product Range: Split, Window, and Inverter AC

Key Features: Windus Inverter, Hyperbttm Cooling, 4D Airflow 

Price Range: Mid

Why Buy: Feature-rich ACs at reasonable pricing

Owned by the Havells group focused on electrical equipment, Lloyd’s air conditioners stand apart for their funky contemporary styling and colors, setting them apart on aesthetics. Feature-wise too, Lloyd ACs pack modern cooling technology like fast-cool Windus inverters, hyper-bottom channel design for uniform air circulation, and 4D adjustable airflow angles. With EER averaging 3.7, these are energy-efficient units worth including among options for first-time buyers. Targeting younger demographics, Lloyd ACs offer decent cooling capacities along with conveniences like auto restart and sleep mode at reasonable price points.

10. Carrier Midea

Carrier Midea
Source: IndiaMART

FoundersCarrier Corporation, Midea Group
No. of EmployeesN/A

Market Share: 3%  

Product Range: Split and Inverter ACs

Key Features: Flexismart Inverter, Easy Clean filter, Grooved copper condenser  

Price Range: Mid

Why Buy: A joint venture brand offers reliable, affordable ACs

Rounding off the list is Carrier Midea, a relatively newer joint venture brand backed by the legacy and technical expertise of HVAC mammoth Carrier and leading Chinese home appliance manufacturer Midea. With manufacturing in India utilizing quality materials like grooved copper condensers and R32 refrigerant, their ACs promise reliable operations. Intelligent inverter motors ensure steady adequate cooling with flexible operations focused on energy savings making this an efficient and fairly priced option.


The top 10 AC brands presented cover between 80-85% of the total market share in the residential and commercial air conditioning industry of India. With options ranging from budget buys to premium ACs packed with the latest global technology, there are reliable and efficient models for meeting the specific needs of Indian consumers. Consider aspects like capacity, energy ratings, size, price, features, and after-sales service while choosing your ideal AC brand and model out of those featured above.