Google stated on Wednesday that it would launch two revolutionary AI-powered tools to improve ad features. 

Google introduces AI-powered tools

Google is the world’s most popular search engine. Google has made advancements in the domain of hand-held devices and electrical gadgets throughout the years. Google’s Bard chatbot is the most recent and first contribution to the area of personal Artificial Intelligence.

These capabilities will use AI algorithms to determine the best ad placements for companies across Google’s many services.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has had a big impact on the tech sector in recent months, with businesses such as Google developing smart chatbots capable of engaging in open-ended dialogues with customers. AI integration in advertising is also on the increase since it is critical in producing income for these firms.

Although Google has already offered AI tools for marketers, it is now harnessing this technology to help firms achieve more exact advertising targets.

Google is launching a new tool called Demand Gen, which will use artificial intelligence (AI) to strategically arrange picture and video advertising for marketers across a variety of products, including Gmail, the YouTube feed, and Shorts, a short-form video platform similar to TikTok. 

Advertisers no longer need to manually decide ad locations thanks to these AI-powered capabilities. According to Vidhya Srinivasan, Google’s Vice President and General Manager of Advertising, the technology’s goal is to discover visually compelling and immersive settings for adverts.

According to Google, the second new feature would use artificial intelligence (AI) to discover appropriate ad placements, to increase the viewing of a brand’s video advertising. Initial testing of this product revealed that companies saw a 40% boost in video views on average.

As Srinivasan points out, by employing AI to handle the labor-intensive portions of advertising, marketers can devote more emphasis to refining their marketing tactics and generating captivating storylines, so improving their overall focus.