Gone are the days when advertising was only done in selected industries. Now and then, a healthcare organisation creates stellar content pieces and then launches clever campaigns that make us fans of healthcare advertising.

The goal of advertising is simple- to attract people to their organisations and make them aware of our existence. This is the case in most industries, healthcare being the exception. The primary goal of the healthcare industry is to spread awareness. While spreading awareness, some healthcare organisations pulled our heartstrings. Without further ado, let us look at the Top 5 healthcare advertising campaign examples.

5 best Healthcare Advertising Campaigns Examples

New York Presbyterian Hospital with their campaign Patient Stories

It is said that the best bridge between a presenter and the audience is a story. Stories are everyone’s favourite, isn’t it? It attaches a feeling of personal connection. Healthcare and stories mix well. Their campaign, Patient Stories is a marketing initiative that through storytelling keeps the audience hooked to screens. Below is the video, try to hold your tears. 

DocsApp with their campaign with their campaign #BaatTohKaro campaign

DocsApp with their campaign with their campaign

India’s one of the most preferred online consultation platforms, DocApp launched one of their first digital campaigns named #BaatTohKaroCampaign, wherein they started the dialogue on stigmatised topics that people often ignore to talk about.

The campaign also featured actors like Aisha Ahmed and Anupriya Goenka, who too expressed their opinions on the various issues. The whole idea of the campaign was to initiate a conversation on the topics that matter.

Max Healthcare came up with More to Healthcare

Max Healthcare

Max Healthcare is a reputed hospital in the world of medicines. They came up with a campaign known as More To Healthcare which was an ode to the unsung heroes of the medical field which not only included doctors but nurses, staff, cleaners, ward boys all those who play an important role and services for humanity. It has been launched as a string of bite-sized videos on various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

United HealthCare came up with We Dare You

United Healthcare came up with monthly quizzes, dares, and prizes encouraging their followers to make small changes in health in their routines and to document them in a diary. This multi-award-winning campaign proves that they can create stellar campaigns if they truly want to engage with their followers.

Fortis Healthcare started Live after you Leave

Fortis Healthcare

Organ donation is a blessing in disguise for the recipients and it is like their second birth -a second chance to their lives. Fortis Healthcare came up with Live after you Leave, an initiative that encouraged people to start a dialogue around organ donation. This thought-provoking video campaign leaves a bittersweet impression in our minds and emphasises us to think about the need for organ donation.


Of course, there are many such organisations, brands, and hospitals that are launching several campaign ads or activities which spread awareness among the masses. In this digital era, there are ‘n’ number of ways to connect with patients and doctors. We are living in 2022 and one of the lessons that pandemic has taught is that anything is possible in the world we are living in. What are your thoughts on healthcare campaigns? Drop your comments below.