Based on the existing delivery centers network and its localized rider force, Zepto is now offering snacks in addition to groceries within 10 minutes.

Zepto, a 10-minute delivery startup, is pioneering a snacking delivery model dubbed ‘Cafe’ in many areas of Mumbai and would likely extend to other metros after refining its execution approach, according to the company’s co-founder and CEO Aadit Palicha in an exclusive interview with Business Today.

The 19-year-old CEO, on the other hand, stated that his business is not interested in entering the “food delivery” segment, which includes delivering fast food, biryanis, and so on.

“The focus will be entirely on delivering packaged items, snacks like cookies, croissants, tea and coffee, and we have limited our deliveries to that. We are not foraying into any other kind of food delivery ,” Palicha said.

He went on to say that the company’s ambitions to expand its snack delivery to additional metros will be fully dependent on the execution strategy, unit economics, and delivery capabilities under the pilot model.

Zepto is relying on the existing delivery centre network and localised rider force to provide its services within 10 minutes, which now include snacks in addition to groceries.

“We have built upon our original business model and are now growing 50 percent month-on-month. The foray into other verticals like medicines is also being considered and we will do it when we scale our operations,” Palicha added.

With the quick commerce industry seeing massive interest from companies such as Zomato, Ola, Swiggy, and Reliance, among others, the CEO of Zepto, who is credited with introducing the concept to India, stated that his company has focused on profits, building a solid delivery centre network, and execution model.

Zepto raised $100 million in a Series C round headed by Y Combinator’s Continuity Fund in December 2021, at a valuation of $570 million, a 2X increase from its valuation over 45 days earlier, when it received $60 million.