If the collection of the scale model air planes of Dubai resident Kalpesh Mehta possessed by aviation buffs, they would be clueless about the incredible collection. Having collected these 3000 pieces of mini aircraft models over the period of last four decades, this Indian businessman has exhibited his all through devotion and collection. Not only does he present a compelling image of commercial aviation history, but his findings also shed light on the dynamic nature of this industry.

The author’s main reason for his keen interest in airplanes as a young boy was the magazine about the airlines which his father bought at home. Astonished at the fakes advertised in the model shops, he got his first miniature replicas. He naïvely thought that the experience involved would bring him intrinsic satisfaction as he started amassing the collection one piece at a time over the years. Despite his move to Dubai in 1992, his passion for these modeled objects became more pervasive as time progressed by.

Spread all over in the special designed cabinets of his home and office, Mehta’s collection is a remarkable exhibition. (It is such a treat!) Types go from commons such as Boeing 747 and Airbus A380 to less popular but unique ones that are not in operation anymore. The accuracy replicas is displayed with real pain which also captures the minutest details of its full-size siblings. Sizes vary from 1:200 to 1:1000 scaling, some of which goes up to $1000 each. Indeed, Mehta in no way spared any endeavor to obtain samples of almost all kinds of aircraft models, commercial ones included in this.

What’s particularly fascinating are the historical planes from earlier eras, showcasing the evolution of aviation design and liveries. Rarities like BOAC-branded British Airways 747s and All Nippon Airways 747s with unique “Mohican” stripes allow a glimpse back in time. Other unique additions include aircraft painted in fun characters from shows like Pokemon. Mehta’s passion clearly knows no bounds when it comes to expanding his collection.

A highlight is Mehta’s incredibly detailed 1:50 scale replica airport diorama, taking 4 months to meticulously construct. Miniaturized terminals, vehicles, control towers and even tiny passengers populate the bustling installation. It’s easy to get lost exploring this miniature world, so perfectly crafted. The love and attention invested is evident for all to see. 

For Mehta, collecting these miniature planes is about far more than just an expensive hobby. It fuels his lifelong passion and transports him back to fond travel memories of times past. Most of all, it allows him to share his deep appreciation for aviation progress with others. In showcasing his vast “Wings of Wonder,” Mehta offers an rare and uplifting glimpse into both his personal world of wonder and the fascinating history of flight. It’s a collection that will leave all visitors with smiles as wide as the wingspans before them.