The Shopify Partner Program consists of a group of designers, developers, marketers, etc. who use the Shopify platform to build ecommerce websites, themes, and apps.

Shopify Partners are professionals in different fields of e-commerce. They provide complete support and solutions to merchants. Anyone can become a Shopify partner.

As we have discussed above, by registering a partner account you can easily be a Shopify partner. Hence, you can simply build an infinite number of Shopify stores and earn money with referrals, and create apps as a Shopify Partner you will have a contract with Shopify.

There are three ways Shopify Partners can use to grow their business and generate ongoing monthly revenue:

  • refer clients to Shopify
  • create e-commerce themes and publish them in the Shopify Theme Store
  • create Shopify apps and publish them in the Shopify App Store

The Shopify Partner Program may be an assortment of Tools and Services that Shopify customers could use to expand their businesses. this is often accomplished through the subsequent four categories:

1) promoting- Shopify Marketers will offer their services to Shopify users in would like of a a lot of outlined Audience, efficient Campaigns, or Optimized Content. Shopify Marketers will assist Shopify users to expand their reach and apply higher promoting ways.

2) Shopify Developers- Shopify store development specialists will produce Apps that profit Shopify stores in a variety of ways, together with improved Engagement and Revenue.

3) Shopify Designers- These styles assist stores with design desires starting from graphics to stigmatization, and that they often collaborate with developers.

4) Affiliate promoting on Shopify- On the Shopify platform, Affiliate Marketers can give nearly any service, from influencer promoting to Content Development.

Shopify Partners can even build cash by making and commercializing Shopify Apps and Themes. additionally to the numerous sorts of partners mentioned on top of, there square measure different levels of collaboration, including:

  • Shopify Partners: contemplate this Shopify Partners’ entry-level position. you’ve got access to a vast range of take a look at stores at this level, permitting you to form, learn, and polish your art. You get a monthly commission for every action (Customer Referral, App Creation, or Graphic Design).
  • Shopify plus Partners: This grade is reserved for Shopify Partners United Nations agencies to surpass what they are doing. Agencies, company consultants, and system integrators, still as people, square measure oftentimes found at this level.
  • Shopify Fulfillment Partners: The Shopify Fulfillment Network is created from fulfillment partners United Nations agency will work each within and outdoors of the Shopify Partner Program.

How do I refer someone to the Shopify partner program?

  1. From your Partner Dashboard, click Stores.
  2. Click Add store.
  3. In the Store type section, select Managed store.
  4. Enter the URL of the Shopify store that you want to access.
  5. If the Shopify store requires a collaborator request code, then enter the code.

Follow these five actions to begin developing your business now, you have a greater grasp of the value associated with a Shopify Partnership.

  • Step 1: Joining the Shopify Partner Program
  • Step 2: Verifying your Email Address 
  • Step 3: Entering Required Information 
  • Step 4: Exploring Shopify Dashboard

While there are a variety of measures that may look into assessing the strength and success of your efforts, here are six crucial figures to consider.

  • Lead Count and Conversion Rate 
  • Lead Velocity Rate (LVR) 
  • Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) 
  • Churn Rate 
  • Average Revenue Per User (ARPU)
  • Lifetime Value (LTV)