Following the announcement that WhatsApp is developing a new feature that would allow businesses to assign chats to specific associated devices, the network is now rolling out another service for business accounts: WhatsApp Premium.

Meta’s messaging service According to reports, WhatsApp has begun rolling out the ‘WhatsApp Premium’ function for corporate customers.

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp Premium would provide businesses with sophisticated capabilities such as a better approach to reaching clients and certain improvements when attaching new devices.

According to the source, WhatsApp is launching a subscription model for certain organizations that download the current beta version of the Android and iOS apps from the Play Store and TestFlight.

WhatsApp Premium is an optional premium subscription that specific business accounts can join by going to WhatsApp Settings.

According to the report, if there is a new section called “WhatsApp Premium” here, it signifies the business account is eligible to join the plan.

When a business subscribes to WhatsApp Premium by paying a monthly fee that varies by country, it gains access to two more advanced services: a personalized business link and significant multi-device benefits. WhatsApp Premium is an extra plan that provides some capabilities to businesses who want sophisticated services.

Notably, WhatsApp has released a slew of new features for all users.

WhatsApp has begun rolling out its Call links feature in stages, allowing users to establish a call link under the Calls tab, similar to a Google Meet or Zoom conference, and share it with friends and family for a group video call. After downloading the app, even those who do not have a WhatsApp account can join the call.

WhatsApp has also increased the file size restriction from 100MB to 2GB. Larger files, papers, and other multimedia items can be shared with friends and family.