Nestled among the deep and cultural tapestry in Odisha, Wedium has become the best in their services. The journey of Wedium does not just start in a boardroom, but a dream of an individual who dreamt big and who dared to do it in their way. This is the story that will inspire you to dream big and do good for everyone. Let’s start.

Beige Collage Wedding Presentation

Wedium: Simple Beginning and Big Visions 

The story of Wedium starts with Swapnil Mishra and the co-founder Arpita Mohanty as just generally day-to-day people being busy in their lives. But at some point, Swapnil wanted to create a shared passion and create unforgettable experiences. As Swapnil moved towards the wedding industry, he identified a big gap in weddings. There was no one-step solution to provide some services like Mehendi, Photography and Makeup. For any wedding, there was a total lack of any kind of one-stop solution for these services  for any couple seeking a wedding Photographer in Bhubaneswar or bridal makeup Bhubaneswar. This realization became the seed for starting Wedium’s vision. To be a trusted companion and couples embarking on a great marital journey. 

Identifying The Problem and Solving it.

When Swapnil first wandered into the wedding industry, he identified the most problematic trends. Booking every service like Mehendi, Photography and Makeup  individually through different mediums is difficult and consumes a lot of time. Plus the most important aspect related to it was the quality of services that somebody gets when they book from these random sources.

The Service quality was below standard and this led to all kinds of issues arising at weddings. Plus, you have to keep track of all these services whether you want a party makeup artist in Bhubaneswar or a wedding photographer in Bhubaneswar and whether these artists will show up at the specified date and time, Swapnil wants to end all these worries and give the couple the best time during the wedding time. 

A Mission Built on Trust and Experience 

The mission of Wedium since the start was very clear. It strives to make the couple’s dream wedding possible and even exceeds those expectations through their services of Mehendi, Makeup and Wedding Photography.

Swapnil, since the start has made into a company that puts clients before anyone and provides them with the services they need at the right time and at great prices. 

Overcoming Challenges 

The Initial days of Wedium were not easy and Swapnil had to compete hard when establishing Wedium as the most prominent and best wedding service that can provide the clients the best. 

Wedium created a dedicated team of individuals who not only can understand the business but also have a deep understanding of emotional understanding at the wedding. This emotional understanding makes Wedium go way ahead in understanding the clients and make them ahead of the competition. 

Creating Unique Identity 

The brand identity of Wedium is deeply woven into the rich strands of Odisha. It incorporates different modern sensibilities while still staying real with the traditional heritage of Bharat. This approach is evident in how they work. 

Wedium redefines the experience of traditions and provides services like Mehendi, Wedding Makeup and Wedding Photography, Party and Wedding makeup, and much more. Wedium orchestrates your wedding services with such finesse that nobody else can. Plus they understand the needs of the clients and understand them on emotional levels as well to provide the best service experience. 

A one-step Wedding Solution 

The magic in Wedium lies in their services. They create a very customizable experience for the clients and take care of all the small and big details. From sourcing the right wedding photographer in Bhubaneswar to collaborating with the best makeup artist in Bhubaneswar, Wedium combines and customizes different services into one and provides a package based on it. The vendor network for Wedium provides the best services according to your needs and budget. 

A Vision for the Future: Expanding Horizons 

The journey of Wedium is just going ahead. The plans of Both Swapnil and Arpita want to expand horizons at some point of time. Both founders think of providing excellent services at the national level and become the top service provider for their wedding services and maybe India can also experience the same as Odisha.

Wedium is thinking of providing the same top-level experience to every couple across India during their wedding times and makes their wedding the best experience with their services where they just enjoy the wedding while Wedium takes care of all their core services. 

The story of Wedium is filled with excitement and has passion, perseverance and a level of commitment towards exceeding expectations. As it grows, Wedium is transforming dreams into realities, one wedding at a time.