Exploring The Indian Food In UK: Top 12 Indian Restaurants In The UK

The Tamil Prince: The entry of Tamil Prince to the locality of Islington’s Barnsbury district which happens to be one of the robust establishments with the most colourful South Indian dishes will find it a home.

Bibi, Mayfair: BiBi is an award-winning  restaurant owned by chef Chet Sharma.

Pali Hill: The place elegantly named Pali Hill that is one of Mumbai’s most lauded neighbourhoods presents an impressive expansion of regional dishes.

Kahani Restaurant: Which is one of London’s eminent and famous Indian culinary destinations, and is located in a Sloane Square area for a splendid and contemporary Indian cuisine experience.

Jamavar: Jamavar holds a position of respect over all Indian dining places in London as it is not just any other branch outside of India.

Brigadiers, The City: Brigadiers is a unique eatery that displays its influences from the highly rated mess bars of India